Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Weekend 2010

Easter Weekend 2010

Our Easter started early. Auntie Margaret (my older sister) offered to come and help paint in our new house to help get things moving. We decided that the girls' rooms needed to painted before we move in to make things easier. We WANT to paint our bedroom too, but we'll see how things progress. (or not)

Margaret has painted many a room, especially at her house this year and has all the supplies and experience that a person needs.

We decided to start on the smallest space, Ava and the new baby's room. I chose daisy yellow, a faint light hue, that will allow a happy fresh feeling for these two and an easy way to accessorize.

Brent and Ammorae went fishing and partied at Locomotion. They rode go-carts, played laser tag, and took the lil girls on the bumper boats. They won over 1,000 tix between the two of them.

After a beautiful church service and a lunch out we enjoyed some time in the yard.

All my beautiful girls!

Aydan Blayre and her sweet smile!

Addy Bea, so dainty!
Ava Beth, our wild woman!
And NO we didn't skip or exclude Ammorae Belle, she was driving the buggy around the whole time in her Easter dress. She was so BEAUTIFUL, she's growing too fast!

The girls with their daddy. Everyone in brown!

All the pretty ladies, all the pretty ladies...and ONE more on the way.

Like I said, beautiful...and acts just like her dad!

Aydan eating her chocolate bunny.

Addyson eating her chocolate bunny! (Before)

Ava and her basket.

They both have big ears, but Jeff's the one with the brown shirt.

After all the fun we went over to the new house and painted Aydan & Addy's room. The color is called baby's breath, it's a faint pink. Their light green will go lovely with it. I had a few brainstorming ideas while I was watching Jeff paint and I can't wait!

What a GREAT weekend! Thank you Jesus for all your blessings!

Talking about Satan

Last Sunday Aydan asked me on the way home from church, "Who is Satan?" I looked at Jeff and took a deep breath. I told her that he had been one of God's angels and had become greedy and selfish. I explained how God and Jesus want us to obey and be honest and faithful and that Satan wants us to disobey and not give any attention to our heavenly father.

We gave some examples of how he might work in our lives during the day. We pulled into the garage and headed into the house. Aydan had been in the house and came back out and said, "Mama, Satan made me forget my shoes in the car" I don't quite think she got it, but it's a start. We've heard more mention about Satan this week than ever from both Aydan and Addy. I guess at least they are aware. Raising little ones is such a blessing and a joy!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We ARE moving!

Yes, it is official, we ARE moving!

We are in love with our current home, but it is not priced to buy and I am assured that if it were it would be outrageous, like in the million dollar range!!! YIKES.

So obviously, it would be very smart for us to move on. It was a great opportunity to get to know the area and have a great freedom for a year. 72 acres in a beautiful Ozark land where there is so much wildlife and a real feel of country.

We have found a home that will be a transition home and temporary. It is in a wonderfully quiet and quaint community. It is a fixer upper and needs some TLC and updating. Nothing that this family can't handle. It's a very nice home and has a pool. But I won't lie, my dream is to get back to the country and start some AIMEE ADVENTURES. (that's another blog for another day) The main drawing card is that this new home is VERY close to Jeff's office, school, and church. Minutes away!

We want to get moved in the month of April, before the baby comes along. We will be painting the next couple of weeks. We are painting bedrooms only right now, just the essentials. Then we will be attacking a room or a project a month or as quickly as life will let us.

I want to know what you think about colors and decorating ideas. I know for sure that my sisters and my mom will weigh in. I pray that Tamara will come help me arrange my furniture! I love reading all of your blogs about your renovations and your great finds for furniture and accessories. PLEASE pass them all my way. I'm ready to start with some fresh ideas.

These are pix of the house how they had it set up and with their furnituree. This is the living room. No color and not kid friendly (all white)

It's a smal kiltchen, but I've had smaller. I can cook just about anywhere.

This dining room too is small, but I am looking for an antique buffet, so if you have any good leads??? My eight seater dining room table will fit.

This is half of the master bedroom. It has floor length windows on three sides of the room. Two of them are sliding glass doors. Lots of natural light.

This will be Aydan and Addy's room. They too will have twin beds.

This will be Ammorae's room. It's the only downstairs bedroom. It definately needs an intervention if it's gonna house a preteen.

There is LOTS more to come. Stay tuned...

Friday, March 26, 2010


This week is our Spring Break and it's full of Mission trips for our church. One went to Brazil, one went to Malawi Africa, and one went to Oklahoma City.

Ammorae, my 11yr. old went with MOTION to OKC. It's so awesome to listen to her short stories and accounts. She called late lastnight and said that she and a friend helped bring two little boys to the Lord. She said a prayer with and for them to ask Jesus into their hearts. This morning I saw pictures of exactly that on Keith Harmon's facebook page. Of course, it brought tears to my eyes.

She also told me that one of the little boys did not have a bible and wanted one, and he had stated that he would probably never get one, so Ammorae gave her's to him. She was minimally afraid that she would get in trouble, and she told her leader Chuck, and he said "That's what bibles are for." Praise Jesus that she was able to be a part of this and try to do God's work at such a young age AND praise Jesus for the Leaders that we have who give of themselves and work so hard for our kids and that have changed the lives of so many others.

Also, Aydan and Addy were asked yesterday to join Lois and sing at the Nursing Home in Kiowa for the "old folks" With no hesitation they were eager and went. They sang a couple of solos and visited with all the resisdents. We had such a good time. It's good to start them out young! Thank you Lois for asking us to come.

I also had the pleasure to sing in the Community Choir in Kiowa on Friday evening. Each church was represented by singers and speakers. It was a celebration of Easter and it was so much fun.

From big to little there is ALWAYS a place for you to serve God! There are soooo many capacities, don't let excuses and life get in your way.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Travelin We Will Go!

We traveled into OKC with the bad weather. Ammorae and the MOTION group got stuck at home for a few days, but now are well on a MISSION.
The little girs and I are are back home in Kiowa, KS. We got to see Katie in her Prom dress, when she was getting it altered. Of course, the rest of week she's off and running, glad to sneak her in when we can. The life of a Senior.

Today we have been working at the Rope Factory. For those of you who don't know my background, my parents manufacture Tow Ropes for the agricultural world. They are swamped busy. Normally when I say "We" I mean the little girls, but I too jumped in there and did some paperwork. I used to do their books for them, so I am well acquainted. Believe it or not, it was fun.

When I got there this morning Aydan had already made her way to "work" and was being gramma's secretary. She worked hard. They think that Papa's reading glasses make them grown up and smart.
They each have their own desks in the office and enjoy pretending that they are running the place. Aydan, told me that her dad was on his way to the "Wheatbelt Show".

They made some of their own tricks up. BTW, my dad is a magician too!

They periodically go out back and harrass the guys and they got to ride with Uncle Landon on the cart. WEEEEE! We made homemade salsa and peanut butter bars for them. They eat everything we bring!
After lunch, they saw one of our good friends and my mom's neighbor, Jill working in the yard accross the street. So they held hands and went to help her. Anyone else need help, I hire them out! They are hard workers!.
They sold me an ice cream cone at their pretend outdoor stand. Played on the tire swing and drove the John Deere bike and tractor. All of this before 3pm.

Thank God for great weather and a small town to have sooo much fun on vacation.

Friday, March 19, 2010


So many people ask me how do you it with four little girls? Well, it is complex and stressful at times, but truly for the most part things just come together. Of course, I wouldn't even consider saying it's a breeze, and we do organize, organize, organize, and discipline, discipline, discipline.

They are so close together that it makes it alot easier for us. They watch the same cartoons, they play with the same kind of toys, they like the same foods and snacks, and they are still in the same schedule for being awake and asleep.

Actually, I should have started by saying all of the little ones...Ammorae is 11 and that's another whole world. All these years we just pack everyone up and follow her around, but we know the day will come where all the others will be coming and going too.

I do a lot less shopping these days. #1 I don't have the time or near the money I used to, gee I wonder why. #2 I've gotten over the "gotta have my kids looking PERFECT all the time" phase and name brands. #3 I'm so a bargain shopper. #4 We are able to use big sisters' hand-me-downs.

Yesterday, Ava the youngest, wore an outfit that was Ammorae's and it was sooo precious and looked great. Normally, clothes don't last that long through that many kids, we are looking at a 9 yr. span here.

I love the fact that so many people are involved in these large consignment sales. I also see lots of friends and family members passing along or recycling things amongst each other.

I think that the most imporant thing is to stay connected. We need to continue to network and share the blessings that God has given us. If we didn't we'd all stay stale and grouchy. We need to stay on top of fresh ideas, bargains, and work through challenges together.

These pix pretty well show a typical day and incidents that go on in our house with all this silly girls.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Break

Well it's that time of year! Some people plan family trips or wild go-to-the-beach destinations. Lots of people go skiing. Many people are on mission trips. Last week, this week, and next week have and will be filled with many people traveling or relaxing.

This week Tucker (my step daughter) came to visit from Western Kansas. Although our week has been pretty normal, we've been doing extra and fun things since she's here. Jeff's mom was supposed to be here, but she ran into some painful medical issues and won't be able to join us until tomorrow and she will just be staying the night.

Saturday, Ammorae leaves with the MOTION mission trip and goes into OKC and Norman for a whole week. I am very happy and excited for her, but also a little nervous. She has never been away this long and on her own, without any family. Please keep her and the entire group in your prayers.

Saturday also happens to be Leo's b-day party, so the little girls and I will be traveling to OKC to share in that and then caravan back with Papa, Gramma, Unc Wandon, and Auntie Sonya to Kiowa for several days.

We will get to see all of our friends back home. Katie, Lola, the Kim's, Dan Ray, Sue and Grandma Jane, Jill will probably get some business, eat at the Plum, Sideline, Chieftain Grill, and Taco Village. BUT the Rope Factory will be the highlight!

Can't wait to relax and hang out with mom and dad. I can forsee, Unc Wandon having his hands full, he better start gathering up Dr. Pepper and candy. Also, the backyard and tire swing are going to be worn out! Maybe dad will even make me a new bullwhip. He never leaves home w/o a one-of-a-kind handmade bullwhip and he brought one to show the guys at Jeff's work when he came a couple of weekends ago. Several of them of them tried it and one or two succeeded, but many did not, so of course this six month pregnant country girl got out there and showed them how it's done! Funny hu!

Poor Jeff, has to stay home and WORK. No Spring Break for him. He's saving up his time have a baby and try to take a summer vacation, which we haven't done in several years. We love you daddy and will miss you!

What are you doing for Spring Break? I'd love to hear!

Here is what our morning has been like so far!

Aydan had Spring Pix today at school and didn't have to wear a uniform.
Isn't she pretty. She wanted curls and boy did I give her curls!

Ava insisted on feeding herself, after she had a bath.

So got to clean her up again, and I'm sure it won't be the last time today.

She also wanted to look like her big sister.

Addy has just been hanging out watching toons and reading books!
BTW, Tucker slept until 10:30am, she must have been really tired. WOW!