Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Talking about Satan

Last Sunday Aydan asked me on the way home from church, "Who is Satan?" I looked at Jeff and took a deep breath. I told her that he had been one of God's angels and had become greedy and selfish. I explained how God and Jesus want us to obey and be honest and faithful and that Satan wants us to disobey and not give any attention to our heavenly father.

We gave some examples of how he might work in our lives during the day. We pulled into the garage and headed into the house. Aydan had been in the house and came back out and said, "Mama, Satan made me forget my shoes in the car" I don't quite think she got it, but it's a start. We've heard more mention about Satan this week than ever from both Aydan and Addy. I guess at least they are aware. Raising little ones is such a blessing and a joy!

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