Friday, September 16, 2011


I was keeping up so well the last couple of weeks, especially on my blogs

and then this week hit me! It took me 15 mins to fill out the weekly calendar so we

would know who was coming and going. I know we are NO

different than most families, but I FEEL cRaZy sometimes

running after 5 kids and a husband.

I was incharge of the decorations and table settings for M.O.P.S. this year

and here is what I came up with four days notice.

How easy is it to throw some yummy smelling coffee beans in a vase and

tie some rafia around it. The red burlap was on sale for $2.99/yd. This tea cup is mine, but

I had fun rummaging at an antique shop for the other 5, and they were

only $5/set.

I like to remind and encourage people to serve others, like God

wants us to. I choose to serve by baking or cooking each week for someone else.

I often take lunch or dessert to a different ministry group in my church, this

week I took one of these beauties to the new Compassion Center for the new

Director and volunteers. (homemade might I add) AND the other

one was supposed to go somewhere, but Jeff cut into it,

we sampled 2 slices and sent it to work with him)

Just as soon as I think I have my stuff together and am sooo proud of

all I have accomplished during the BUSY week, I am quickly

reminded that life doesn't stop (and in my case, hardly

ever slow down either)

Ava left her pudding out where Abigail could reach it and

she served herself.

As you can well imagine, I have a LOT of laundry to do. If I

have 4 loads in my laundry room I feel very accomplished.

I did 3 loads yesterday (that means put away too) and so far I've got

3 more done this morning before lunch. (but not put away yet)

BUT I still have sooo much more to do...I will keep on

trucking along!

I thought the house was basically picked up then I started

to walk around and found a stinker

getting into something. I thought

she was in the living room watching cartoons.

I also quickly found out that she had been in my bathroom too.

I promised several people, including my new MOPS group

that I would start posting easy Fall recipes. So watch this

week for all of those.

My Friday has been crazy, I bet yours has been too, and I hope you

have a FABULOUS Friday!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Antiquing FINDS

I went antique shopping this weekend and found some great buys!

Here are a few things that I picked up.

I am sharing the BEFORE pictures with you.

This sturdy old window came from

Daisies & Olives in Prairie Grove, AR.


This tiny little kid size wicker chair came from

Ozark, MO.


Tea cups & saucers came from Tonitown, AR

$5 & $6 per set.

Kids sideboard was picked in Ozark, MO

this was a gift from Papa & Gramma

and it has a sibling. (2 for the price of 1)

This cute little red shelf came from

Eureka Springs, AR


This was a steal that Papa & Gramma gave us from a sale in


I can't wait to have a few FREE minutes to

give these pieces some love and refurbishing!

Don't worry, the AFTER pictures will come soon!

I LOVE antiquing, share your favorite spot with me!