Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Weekend 2010

Easter Weekend 2010

Our Easter started early. Auntie Margaret (my older sister) offered to come and help paint in our new house to help get things moving. We decided that the girls' rooms needed to painted before we move in to make things easier. We WANT to paint our bedroom too, but we'll see how things progress. (or not)

Margaret has painted many a room, especially at her house this year and has all the supplies and experience that a person needs.

We decided to start on the smallest space, Ava and the new baby's room. I chose daisy yellow, a faint light hue, that will allow a happy fresh feeling for these two and an easy way to accessorize.

Brent and Ammorae went fishing and partied at Locomotion. They rode go-carts, played laser tag, and took the lil girls on the bumper boats. They won over 1,000 tix between the two of them.

After a beautiful church service and a lunch out we enjoyed some time in the yard.

All my beautiful girls!

Aydan Blayre and her sweet smile!

Addy Bea, so dainty!
Ava Beth, our wild woman!
And NO we didn't skip or exclude Ammorae Belle, she was driving the buggy around the whole time in her Easter dress. She was so BEAUTIFUL, she's growing too fast!

The girls with their daddy. Everyone in brown!

All the pretty ladies, all the pretty ladies...and ONE more on the way.

Like I said, beautiful...and acts just like her dad!

Aydan eating her chocolate bunny.

Addyson eating her chocolate bunny! (Before)

Ava and her basket.

They both have big ears, but Jeff's the one with the brown shirt.

After all the fun we went over to the new house and painted Aydan & Addy's room. The color is called baby's breath, it's a faint pink. Their light green will go lovely with it. I had a few brainstorming ideas while I was watching Jeff paint and I can't wait!

What a GREAT weekend! Thank you Jesus for all your blessings!

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