Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We ARE moving!

Yes, it is official, we ARE moving!

We are in love with our current home, but it is not priced to buy and I am assured that if it were it would be outrageous, like in the million dollar range!!! YIKES.

So obviously, it would be very smart for us to move on. It was a great opportunity to get to know the area and have a great freedom for a year. 72 acres in a beautiful Ozark land where there is so much wildlife and a real feel of country.

We have found a home that will be a transition home and temporary. It is in a wonderfully quiet and quaint community. It is a fixer upper and needs some TLC and updating. Nothing that this family can't handle. It's a very nice home and has a pool. But I won't lie, my dream is to get back to the country and start some AIMEE ADVENTURES. (that's another blog for another day) The main drawing card is that this new home is VERY close to Jeff's office, school, and church. Minutes away!

We want to get moved in the month of April, before the baby comes along. We will be painting the next couple of weeks. We are painting bedrooms only right now, just the essentials. Then we will be attacking a room or a project a month or as quickly as life will let us.

I want to know what you think about colors and decorating ideas. I know for sure that my sisters and my mom will weigh in. I pray that Tamara will come help me arrange my furniture! I love reading all of your blogs about your renovations and your great finds for furniture and accessories. PLEASE pass them all my way. I'm ready to start with some fresh ideas.

These are pix of the house how they had it set up and with their furnituree. This is the living room. No color and not kid friendly (all white)

It's a smal kiltchen, but I've had smaller. I can cook just about anywhere.

This dining room too is small, but I am looking for an antique buffet, so if you have any good leads??? My eight seater dining room table will fit.

This is half of the master bedroom. It has floor length windows on three sides of the room. Two of them are sliding glass doors. Lots of natural light.

This will be Aydan and Addy's room. They too will have twin beds.

This will be Ammorae's room. It's the only downstairs bedroom. It definately needs an intervention if it's gonna house a preteen.

There is LOTS more to come. Stay tuned...

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