Friday, April 30, 2010

Moving and having a baby

The move is complete, not to say that things aren't still a mess though. Right now I am being tested for preeclampsia. Uggg! I know! This last baby is going to try it all, isn't she. She is measuring big and we've speculated that we'll be deliverying around 36 wks. (I am 34 wks today)

This new home has been a blessing in just a short amount of time. I have been thanking God for such a hard working husband. He moved the entire house on his own and worked until every little thing was done. Well the truth be known, Aydan helped him a lot. She insisted on helping him unload everything, even when it was pitch dark outside. She didn't give up until her daddy was ready to be finished each night. It was so inspiring and sweet. I got lots of video footage and pix.

Our new house is comfortable and cozy, it still needs accessorized and tweaked. It is so close to EVERYTHING. The neighborhood is so beautiful! I can't wait to have some company. I hope everyone will come and swim this summer, the pool has been cleaned and treated.

I will admit that there is still a lot to do. The downstairs family room is piled with odds and ends and Ammorae's room isn't up to par yet.

I'm trying to keep my head afloat, not be so emotional, get the house into shape w/o overdoing it, and attend to the end of the year stuff with the girls at school and church. Thank heavens for a heavenly Father who loves me and continues to walk with me daily.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Natural Spring

We relished the SHORT one day trip that we had as a family. We used to travel a lot, but Jeff's new job is very time consuming and he hasn't had any vacation time, until the end of this month. HOORAY!

We had so much fun visiting, singing, eating, and joking on the five hour trip back to Kansas last week.

On our way home we make a few pit stops, mostly to ease the pain of a long bumpy ride for me. One of the stops was really close to home. In Oklahoma there is a natural spring that we've visited since I was a kid. It has started producing bottled water for sale. DiVine, is it's professional name.

Here are some pix of my silly girls and their daddy. (oh yeah, the reason we stopped is because it's in the middle of nowhere and Aydan was about to potty her pants. We had to do an old fashioned country girl stop along side the road)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Where I Come From...

...a small town in Kansas. I lived in this small town for 18 or 19 years. My parents have lived there longer and Jeff's family has lived there for generations that started during the Oklahoma Land Rush back in 1893, to which they've donated a Bronze statue to dipict the event.

We were able to run home for a day to get the rest of our things out of storage and I felt very compelled to snap some pix so that I forever had a stationary memory.

When you live somewhere so long and are such a part of the background it's hard to leave and it's hard not be there during certain seasons and celebrations.

(Thurman's Harvesting - looks like the John Deere Imp)
It's still the same ol place, but I did notice that they are freshening up in a few spots too. There is such a comfort in a small town, even the crass grouchy old lady that you know is going to harrass you about something you did 10 years ago, every time you see her. It's been 10 months that I've been gone and I was correct about the business hours and same specials at the restaurants while we were there. On Sunday I had to rush to the grocery store after church, because it closes at 4pm and there is only one restaurant open that night.

(A part of our Farm Store)
Something else that is exciting to me is to see my peers stepping up to the plate and doing their part. Many of my classmates and friends are on the hospital board, city counsel, business owners, voluteering for emergency and community efforts, teachers, Sunday school teachers, and more.

(Plum Thickett Inn - I was a cook & waitress here for many years)
I attended 8 years of school there and then came back and had children and ran and owned a couple of businesses and serve in the community a lot, I was the Chamber President for a couple of years.

(Dan Ray's Semi, that we've rhode many a time in)
How many of you have a similar story? It definately made a difference in who I am today. Small towns are great. Next week I'll post how it devastated and scarred me for life too!

Friday, April 16, 2010

New Baby

I went to the Dr. yesterday. We did an ultrasound and found out that our baby girl is growing like a weed! She is 5# and measuring considerably larger than expected. We are going to keep a close eye on her each week and go from there.

It looks like we'll try to keep her in utero for another four weeks and deliver at 36 wks. WOW!

I hope to START moving this weekend, but Jeff only has Sunday after church to work on it. I hope and pray she will sit tight until we get settled.

We can't wait to see you baby girl, but grow healthy!

We are still leaning towards the name Abigail, and Addy keeps saying Agabale! So sweet!

Her nursery is yellow. She will be sharing a room with her big sister Ava. The colors are yellow, red, and a light green. It's more of an old fashioned theme. I did register at Target for a few odds n ends things that have worn out and that we need. There are a few large ticket items too, but I am also looking for a good deal, if you know of anyone who is selling something or wanting to get rid of it - please let me know. It's all a bit shocking, but very exciting!

Friday, April 9, 2010

CRAZY doesn't even describe it!!!

I haven't been able to blog lately, because I've been crazy busy! I've missed it and I miss all my communications with YOU!

The pix are of random silliness with the girls this week!

I don't know where to start? I am 31 1/2 weeks pregnant, but measuring 33 weeks. I will be having an ultrasound next week to see how much she weighs and check the amount of amniotic fluid.

We are moving to a new home. We've painted two bedrooms in a week and still need to deep clean it. We need to get a move on and actually get moved. Besides the time issue with the baby, it's also a busy car season already and Jeff is working many long hours. We've worried and stressed about how and when. Much to our amazement, great friends have offered to help us and it's been greatly generous and more than we've ever expected.

This weekend we were invited home to go the Shrine Circus with Papa, he's a Shriner and truly the ONLY way to ever visit the circus is to go with him. Jeff is a Shriner too and my older brother was a Shrine kid. It's a very sentimental thing. More than all the fun that Papa treats everyone to is being apart and watching him bless kids with a beautiful day of fun and treats. He passes out free tix to ride the animals and do all the special things that most of their parents can't afford, because all of their time and money is invested in caring for their health. We've been on the other side and it's such a blessing.

Jeff can NEVER be gone on Saturday's but he can be gone Sun. and Mon. and we need to go back to KS to get moving supplies and things out of storage. So MOMMY gets to make the decision, take four little girls to the circus with Papa, or wait for daddy to get off of work Sat. (after the circus)and drive five hours one way to load and unload stuff to move. It's just not fair! Oh yeah, did I mention that both of my sisters and two of my brothers and all their kids are going with Papa? Yeah, nice hu!

We had a 7:30am mtg. this morning with a teacher about getting some extra help with a slinking grade. (got EVERYONE up at 6am)

Made time to work at Loving Choices yesterday. Extremely busy there! God sent many woman in crisis situations our way and graciously had the PERFECT volunteers there to assist and minister to each one. What a blessing!

Add at least 15 meals, at least 10 loads of laundry, bible study, choir, kids choir, youth group, 3 trips to the grocery store, 2 trips to the gas station, potty training, recycling center trip, trips to the phone store and bank, started a new accounting and budgeting system for the home, had a surprise party for a teacher, and the normal everyday schedules to this week and it spells CRAZY! (and unfortunately one bad arguement with the husband)

PHEW!!!! I know that I am probably no busier than you, but it's my story and perogative and this week has been a whirlwind. AND it being the time of the year that it is, it doesn't look like it's going to slow down! As a matter of a fact Ammorae was invited to stay the night with a friend and she also announced that she is trying out for Jr. High Cheerleader, which promises to be a busy next two weeks. Only 7 weeks of school left and finals looming.

God, we'll definately be in touch and very personal in the upcoming weeks. I praise you for a life of excitement and the freedom to have choices to make! Thank you for all the busy blessings you've given me, especially the ones with pigtails!

P.S. while I was typing this, Ava (my 1 1/2 yr old) completely sucked down the frappacino that I splurged on when I dropped Ammmorae off at school. It'll be another exciting day!