Monday, September 27, 2010

Abigail is 4 months old

My beautiful sweet Abigail Brooke is 4 1/2 months old. These pix that Tamara took of her show her sweet smile and personality PERFECTLY!

She is SOOO good and happy natured! She smiles and is talking to us already. Yes, I am being bias and proud! She rarely makes a fuss. Thank you God for blessing me with a happy baby.

I know that you all know that I have 5 daughters, but every once in awhile I like to ravish and share my pride of their achievements and beauty. The outward shows daily and is obvious, but the inward is giving a run for the money lately. I am shocked and know that most days that I don't deserve it, but God has gifted me beyond my comprehension.

Ava's new word this week is Sass and Sassy. "Mama, Aydan be sass" "Mama Addy be sassy to meee" She is such a pickle. She was cleaning her baby's face with Windex this morning. I found the tv remote in my purse, after an hour of searchin. She drank half of the little bottle of Mylecon from the diaper bag. As I am writing this she thinks I'm not watching and is stuffing my drivers license and debit card in her pants and my money down her shirt. WHERE DID SHE COME FROM. Ahhhhhh!

Addyson is having so much fun at school. She is such a big girl now. The back pack is bigger than she is! hahaha.

Aydan and Addy have started dance class together. It's not your run-of-the-mill little girls ballet class. It's Hip Hop and Cheer. There is a lot of booty shaking, tasteful of course, but it's soooo adorable. They love it.

Friday night I took Belle and her friend Veronica down to the Razorback stadium. It was so wild and crazy. We had so much fun. 1000's of people and the most fun fans in the whole world. It was an exciting experience and memory.

This week is Aydan's 5th bday, so you'll be hearing all about the party and I've been cooking and baking up a storm since the weather is cooling down,so I'll be sharing some GREAT recipes too. I love the fall, it's my FAVORITE time of year. I will be decorating the house and yard this week. Yeah, a great ahead.

Monday, September 13, 2010


First of all, my blog page got a face lift. It's fresh and new and has a pix of all my beautiful girls!

Friday was Jeff's day off and we had lots of fun. He helped with a gift that Aydan was making for three of her friends that are having birthdays.

I made four pies. Two Strawberry and two peach. We have friends that are adopting two babies from Etheopia and were having a garage sale to help fund the expense. I had my hands in several things and Jeff came to my aid and did the lattice work on the peach pies. I was very surprised and thankful AND he did a fabulous job, especially since it was his first attempt at it.

On Friday evening mom and dad came for a visit. We were soooo excited about it we were jumping up and down with enthusiasm.

We had a short, but very exciting visit.

If you know my mom then you know we HAD to go and do a bit of shopping. I will say in in her defense that she lives in KS in the middle of nowhere (everywhere in KS is the middle of nowhere) and she doesn't get much opportunity to get out.

Papa took the girls on a train ride. Aydan took Papa and the family out to dinner, where she KNEW Papa would enjoy some ribs. (one of his favorites) And my dad let me buy him ice cream, can you believe it? I was finally triumphant in treating him and picking up a tab. (small victory, big accomplishment)

Then they finally got to come to church with us. The two of them were in tears the entire time. They were so happy that we have found such a wonderful church. They loved Pastor Floyd's message. And you know what was funny, we all admitted and knew that he was talking to each one of us.

I also let Gramma and Papa take Ava home with them for the week. She was super excited, and this is the first time that she wanted and agreed to leave us. When I picked Addy up from Preschool this afternoon she said, "Mom, I am so sad that Ava is not wiff us anymore". (as if she's gone forever) We are going through withdrawl, but I picked up the house and do you know what, it stayed clean. Yeah, Gramma and Papa for giving me some time for myself.

Pastor talked about BIG Faith and I thought about all the times I've been faced with decisions that took BIG faith. Having a baby alone, getting married, running my own business, closing a business, moving away from family, and then moving even further away from family, putting my kids in a private Christian school when I doubted I could afford it, having five kids, and sheesh I could go on and on. I want to tell you that God is amazing and he has been sovereign and forgiving to me. He has healed and given us hope. He's provided when we didn't think that provisions were available. I have family and friends that are hurting right now and I want to reach out and say to you, PLEASE lay your burden's at our Father's feet. Let him shoulder your pain and hurt. Stop judging others and let forgiveness come easier. God doesn't want you to be stuck inside your comfort zone. He doesn't want you to be in pain. He wants you to serve him, and you serve him by serving others. He wants you to seek him.

I am selfishly sad that our friends the Blackwell's are leaving NWA and going to San Francisco, but I am so excited for the people of the area and the current fellowship of that church. Watch out San Fran, God has a plan and you have been blessed with a phenonmenal family of his! We LOVE you Ryan, Rachel, and Brady. We look forward to watching what God does with you and through you. I will pray for many blessings for you being obedient and faithful. I pray that your family has great peace.