Friday, March 26, 2010


This week is our Spring Break and it's full of Mission trips for our church. One went to Brazil, one went to Malawi Africa, and one went to Oklahoma City.

Ammorae, my 11yr. old went with MOTION to OKC. It's so awesome to listen to her short stories and accounts. She called late lastnight and said that she and a friend helped bring two little boys to the Lord. She said a prayer with and for them to ask Jesus into their hearts. This morning I saw pictures of exactly that on Keith Harmon's facebook page. Of course, it brought tears to my eyes.

She also told me that one of the little boys did not have a bible and wanted one, and he had stated that he would probably never get one, so Ammorae gave her's to him. She was minimally afraid that she would get in trouble, and she told her leader Chuck, and he said "That's what bibles are for." Praise Jesus that she was able to be a part of this and try to do God's work at such a young age AND praise Jesus for the Leaders that we have who give of themselves and work so hard for our kids and that have changed the lives of so many others.

Also, Aydan and Addy were asked yesterday to join Lois and sing at the Nursing Home in Kiowa for the "old folks" With no hesitation they were eager and went. They sang a couple of solos and visited with all the resisdents. We had such a good time. It's good to start them out young! Thank you Lois for asking us to come.

I also had the pleasure to sing in the Community Choir in Kiowa on Friday evening. Each church was represented by singers and speakers. It was a celebration of Easter and it was so much fun.

From big to little there is ALWAYS a place for you to serve God! There are soooo many capacities, don't let excuses and life get in your way.

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