Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Travelin We Will Go!

We traveled into OKC with the bad weather. Ammorae and the MOTION group got stuck at home for a few days, but now are well on a MISSION.
The little girs and I are are back home in Kiowa, KS. We got to see Katie in her Prom dress, when she was getting it altered. Of course, the rest of week she's off and running, glad to sneak her in when we can. The life of a Senior.

Today we have been working at the Rope Factory. For those of you who don't know my background, my parents manufacture Tow Ropes for the agricultural world. They are swamped busy. Normally when I say "We" I mean the little girls, but I too jumped in there and did some paperwork. I used to do their books for them, so I am well acquainted. Believe it or not, it was fun.

When I got there this morning Aydan had already made her way to "work" and was being gramma's secretary. She worked hard. They think that Papa's reading glasses make them grown up and smart.
They each have their own desks in the office and enjoy pretending that they are running the place. Aydan, told me that her dad was on his way to the "Wheatbelt Show".

They made some of their own tricks up. BTW, my dad is a magician too!

They periodically go out back and harrass the guys and they got to ride with Uncle Landon on the cart. WEEEEE! We made homemade salsa and peanut butter bars for them. They eat everything we bring!
After lunch, they saw one of our good friends and my mom's neighbor, Jill working in the yard accross the street. So they held hands and went to help her. Anyone else need help, I hire them out! They are hard workers!.
They sold me an ice cream cone at their pretend outdoor stand. Played on the tire swing and drove the John Deere bike and tractor. All of this before 3pm.

Thank God for great weather and a small town to have sooo much fun on vacation.

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