Friday, March 19, 2010


So many people ask me how do you it with four little girls? Well, it is complex and stressful at times, but truly for the most part things just come together. Of course, I wouldn't even consider saying it's a breeze, and we do organize, organize, organize, and discipline, discipline, discipline.

They are so close together that it makes it alot easier for us. They watch the same cartoons, they play with the same kind of toys, they like the same foods and snacks, and they are still in the same schedule for being awake and asleep.

Actually, I should have started by saying all of the little ones...Ammorae is 11 and that's another whole world. All these years we just pack everyone up and follow her around, but we know the day will come where all the others will be coming and going too.

I do a lot less shopping these days. #1 I don't have the time or near the money I used to, gee I wonder why. #2 I've gotten over the "gotta have my kids looking PERFECT all the time" phase and name brands. #3 I'm so a bargain shopper. #4 We are able to use big sisters' hand-me-downs.

Yesterday, Ava the youngest, wore an outfit that was Ammorae's and it was sooo precious and looked great. Normally, clothes don't last that long through that many kids, we are looking at a 9 yr. span here.

I love the fact that so many people are involved in these large consignment sales. I also see lots of friends and family members passing along or recycling things amongst each other.

I think that the most imporant thing is to stay connected. We need to continue to network and share the blessings that God has given us. If we didn't we'd all stay stale and grouchy. We need to stay on top of fresh ideas, bargains, and work through challenges together.

These pix pretty well show a typical day and incidents that go on in our house with all this silly girls.

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