Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Break

Well it's that time of year! Some people plan family trips or wild go-to-the-beach destinations. Lots of people go skiing. Many people are on mission trips. Last week, this week, and next week have and will be filled with many people traveling or relaxing.

This week Tucker (my step daughter) came to visit from Western Kansas. Although our week has been pretty normal, we've been doing extra and fun things since she's here. Jeff's mom was supposed to be here, but she ran into some painful medical issues and won't be able to join us until tomorrow and she will just be staying the night.

Saturday, Ammorae leaves with the MOTION mission trip and goes into OKC and Norman for a whole week. I am very happy and excited for her, but also a little nervous. She has never been away this long and on her own, without any family. Please keep her and the entire group in your prayers.

Saturday also happens to be Leo's b-day party, so the little girls and I will be traveling to OKC to share in that and then caravan back with Papa, Gramma, Unc Wandon, and Auntie Sonya to Kiowa for several days.

We will get to see all of our friends back home. Katie, Lola, the Kim's, Dan Ray, Sue and Grandma Jane, Jill will probably get some business, eat at the Plum, Sideline, Chieftain Grill, and Taco Village. BUT the Rope Factory will be the highlight!

Can't wait to relax and hang out with mom and dad. I can forsee, Unc Wandon having his hands full, he better start gathering up Dr. Pepper and candy. Also, the backyard and tire swing are going to be worn out! Maybe dad will even make me a new bullwhip. He never leaves home w/o a one-of-a-kind handmade bullwhip and he brought one to show the guys at Jeff's work when he came a couple of weekends ago. Several of them of them tried it and one or two succeeded, but many did not, so of course this six month pregnant country girl got out there and showed them how it's done! Funny hu!

Poor Jeff, has to stay home and WORK. No Spring Break for him. He's saving up his time have a baby and try to take a summer vacation, which we haven't done in several years. We love you daddy and will miss you!

What are you doing for Spring Break? I'd love to hear!

Here is what our morning has been like so far!

Aydan had Spring Pix today at school and didn't have to wear a uniform.
Isn't she pretty. She wanted curls and boy did I give her curls!

Ava insisted on feeding herself, after she had a bath.

So got to clean her up again, and I'm sure it won't be the last time today.

She also wanted to look like her big sister.

Addy has just been hanging out watching toons and reading books!
BTW, Tucker slept until 10:30am, she must have been really tired. WOW!

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  1. We were in Student Ministry for 10 years, and those first trips away from home are always hard, but good. I'm sure everyone will do fine. And my Dad is driving the bus for the OKC trip, so I know for sure they will be in good hands! Relax and have fun next week!