Thursday, June 23, 2011

American Girl

We went to TX for my nieces high school graduation. It was the first time that the whole family has got away together in over four years, and that's all the further back I can remember.

On the way home, but WELL out of the way, Jeff surprised us and took us downtown for an afternoon of fun. We showed the girls where JFK was shot and took at tour, I know good-all-american family fun, especially for little girls.

The NBA Finals were being played and we saw all kinds of fans all over the place and drove by the arena. We took Ammorae to the Galleria to do some window shopping, probably more torcherous than fun! Ha ha! For lunch, outside the Galleria is one of the biggest American Girl Doll Stores and Bistro. If you have a little girl than you know exactly what I am talking about.

It's another toy craze that's swept the nation. I have 5 girls and you will be shocked to find out that we do NOT have 1 American Girl Doll in the entire house. Of course, Aydan & Addyson would love to pick one out to have, to hold, and to cherish, but they cost $100 a doll. WOW, and that doesn't include any clothing or accessories.

That place was a flurry of PINK! Pink, pink, and more pink. We have all girls and we try to stay away from the Pink-only girl sterotypical everything. BUT it was such a sweet place. We loved it. There is a salon where you drop your "Doll" off and let her get her hair done. They have salon chairs and all for them. There was the most precious 70+ year old little old lady primping a dolls coiffe.

You'd think the 2 floors of clothing, accessories, and furniture would be the highlight, but no it gets better! The BISTRO. One very confident, loving, 6' tall, dark headed daddy escorted all six of his ladies into the lovely dining room for an experience of a lifetime.

Since we did not have dolls of our own they carefully picked special dolls for each one of the girls to dine with, minus Ammorae -she wasn't playing along. They each chose a three course meal, appetizer, entree, and dessert and had the time of their lives. As the meal progressed Ammorae couldn't contain herself anymore and completely losened up and joined in the fun. If you've ever wanted to hold your pinky high, this was the time.

After that much fun, they didn't even beg to buy a doll, they were satisfied and it's quite clearly one of the most special trips the Bryan girls have ever had. Thanks brave and thoughtful daddy!

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