Saturday, July 9, 2011

Where I Come From

We went back to Kansas for an extended visit. We did so many things and had so much fun. There is a special freedom where we come from that creates such an amazing time for our family. I am sure that Grandma Donna & Papa, friends, and family have a lot to do with it.

The girls put on all of Gramma's summer hats for a fun pic. Their back yard provided HOURS of entertainment.

We also went to Eastern KS to my brother Cameron's house. There were members of 7 out of our 9 brothers and sisters represented. We had a BLAST. I made red, white, and blue tye dye tshirts for all the grandkids. Cameron & Carolyn are the BEST hosts in the whole world, who else could handle over 25 ppl in their house for more than a day. (13 out of 23 grandkids were there WOW)

Uncle Landon has loved spending time with my girls, and now has his own little bundle of joy!

We brought Brent back to Gma's with us after being at Cameron's house. Ava looked at this pic and said, "Wook Mama, Uncle Wandon is giving Boobah (Brent) wuvins" Yeah, that sounds better than giving him the smack down.

Papa always has the best toys at his house. After a few test drives Ava & Addy provided much entertainment driving around the neighborhood. CRAZY women drivers.

Addy in a tree, what a monkey. She spent hours in climbing, playing, and swinging. Priceless!

I baked every day that we were there. I love to share with others, and since we don't get to see them very often I want to spoil them. We also took treats to the Rope Factory, Plum Thickett, and Gma's & Gpa's.

Papa's favorite! This and a plate of spaghetti is heaven for him.

We were so excited to find out that Ammorae's cousin Tori was in town from Ohio the same time that we were. They love each other so much and always have a good time.

Mikayla Gillig let us come over to her house and taught us how to tye dye. She had been doing it all summer to raise money for an orphanage in Africa. What a gracious girl!

We made tshirts that said, I'm with Tori and I'm with Ammorae to sport around town, while they were havin fun! We also made fun tshirts for the little girls too.

Just a few memories to share about our 10 day trip to Kansas. Praise Jesus for the family that he blessed us with! What a legacy!

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