Thursday, June 2, 2011

40/29 News Interview

My OLD computer is barely letting me eek out a message here and there. I've yearned to journal each day and share it with you, but haven't been able to. Sorry!

Last Friday we were interviewed by 40/29 News. It was so much fun and had such a
For those of you who don't know, Jeff started couponing a couple of months ago. We decided it would be a continual family project. After we realized that we could do so much more than stocking our pantry we started giving all the free items to our church to use for several different ministries. I asked the choir to help and the church. They bring their Sunday inserts and we work with them all week long. The story is about one place the goods went.

Thursday night the entire family loaded up and shopped our hearts out. When the little girls couldn't stand any longer, I took them home and let Jeff and Ammorae finish it up. They came home at 11pm. We shopped for over 4 hours.

We have started a website called Couponing For Christ, look us up. We will be updating it daily starting next week and sharing all the "secrets" and good deals, so you too can get everyday FREE items and serve those around you.
God has blessed us so we can serve others, we DO NOT hoard or keep our items, we pray that you do the same thing.

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