Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was a week of celebrations. This was probably the nicest *Mother's Day that I can remember having.

It all started with a special *MD Tea with Addy and her class. It was the lovliest afternoon ever! She had made special gifts for me, they sang for us, and we had tea and cookies. She received a special Christian Character Award and it was "Reliability" I am so proud of her.

Friday night my Mom, Dad, and Cindy came to spend the weekend with us. It had been so long since we had seen them that we were SOOOO excited.

Saturday morning we watched Aydan & Addy play soccer. Those are the most precious times ever. Then of course, us girls did some pampering & shopping. Gramma Donna took us all to get pedicures.

Sunday, Abigail was dedicated in church, and my family got to watch me sing on the Praise Team. I love my church and it's even better to get to share it with my family. Papa took us out to eat lunch and then we had a short birthday party for Abigail. She will be one in two weeks. ( I can't believe it!)

Later this week I will share with you the gift my family gave me and the Mother's Day craft we did together and the gifts we gave our mom's. What blessings God gave me this week. I am so thankful.

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