Friday, March 11, 2011

Congratulations Graduates!

I want to get an early start on the graduation celebrations we'll be taking part in this year. I have two nieces and a nephew all graduating this year. Praise the Lord that we can attend all of them and that they are each on a different weekend.

A Graduation is a major event in a young persons life, but a Senior year in itself is a big ordeal. I want each one of them to know how proud I am of them and that I am already celebrating all that they've accomplished.

In no particular order...

Cari Alison
She lives in Arlington, TX. She's adorable. Petite in size, but big in personality. She's done some modeling and has a job to help pull her weight. She is a girl who is trying to grow in God's faith and doing a good job, might I add. She's gearing up for an exciting future. She is the "only child" in our whole giant family, and she has given us so many laughs.

Zac Allan
Also known as the BIRDMAN, just finished a very successful year in basketball as a starter. His team just played in the semi-finals and were one win shy of playing for the State Championship. I believe that I read they are 3rd in the state of OK. He has a lot of interests outside of school and sports, he loves to hunt, fish, and keep very active. He's pretty handsome too. I hope he goes on to play college ball, he's got the talent.

Brooke Nicole
(who we named Abigail after) is a SPITFIRE! She's a see-whatcha-get-kinda girl. She speaks her mind and has so much intelligence behind it. She has played a lot of volleyball in her years, but she is more well known for being the Wrestling teams' manager. She's learned from watching her brother, but I bet she could probably take him. She's very family oriented and has been a huge support for her big brother, whom she is close to.
(I am having an issue trying to steal a senior pix from her fb page)

All this being said, I think that Brooke will be attending The University of Kansas and Cari, Texas State. Zac is still undecided.

I will be attending each one of their unique graduations. I can't wait to help throw each one of them a huge party. My girls will be sporting personalized tshirts at each event so no one questions who we are cheering for. They each attend large schools and some of the venues are magnificent, like Kemper Arena.

This will be a marathon time for our HUGE family. There are 23 grandkids in our family and this will be the ONLY time that there is more than one graduation in a year. The traveling will start in Kansas, Oklahoma will be next,and finally Texas.

Jeff, you better get the Suburban tuned up.

I love each one of you and am SOOO proud of the young adults that you've become. Bring on the graduation season!

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