Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Great Bargains

A family of seven living off of a single income is challenging on a daily basis. I am constantly looking for a good deal.

As you can imagine we try to take really good care of our clothes, because they get handed down, as many times as they possibly can. BUT we are finally at the "bottom of the barrel" We are done having baby girls, we think. So now I am willing and able to let go of the unused clothes.

I have 20 silver bins that are labeled and line up in our storage room. So it's made this job an easy one. I started researching my local children's consignment shops. I found that Once Upon A Child, here in Fayetteville, pays really well and has a nicely organized and reputable program. You take your bin of clothing there, sign in and let them pick through and choose the items they want to keep and sell. They shoot you an offer of cash or a better offer of in-store credit. (I usually take the cash)

I also do this with Ammorae's clothing too. A very popular place here in town (with more locations in OK) is called The Daisy Exchange. They buy and sell only name brand and gently used clothing, shoes, and accessories. They sell 80% used and 20% new clothing. So if you are set on wearing ONLY Juicy Couture, Coach, PINK, AE, DC, and so many other pricey brands for next to nothing- you wanna check this place out. Ammorae always chooses in-store credit, because she LOVES to shop there.

Do you want to hear about another "good deal"? Who can't benefit from this...we love the concept of gently used and recycling items. We sell our old cd's, dvd's, and games. A place here in NWA has a chain called Game X Change. It has the exact same concept as the clothing. I downloaded all my music off of my cd's onto my ipod and then sold them. We surprised the girls with their first gaming system and didn't spend a penny to get it. Now when we get bored playing our games we trade them in for new ones at no charge. Everyday can be a new and exciting one.

So, what's your "GOOD FIND"? What do you do to make your dollars stretch?

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