Sunday, February 20, 2011


The girls and I made a quick trip back to Kansas over the weekend to see my new nephew and that left Jeff with some quiet time. He had already been organizing a BIG trip to the store.

I get to reveal to you the rewards.

I was explaining to someone just this week how we have been using this opportunity as our own missions ministry. NOW, we are dreaming really BIG!

If you haven't been following this, Jeff has become an extreme couponer. Of course it started to take care of our own family, but with great blessings it's become so much more and is going to bless so many who really need it. It's not your mama's couponing plan.

He targets the free stuff and spends very little to nothing on all the rest of it. Yesterday he came home with 523 items for FREE!!! Yes, I said FREE! This is with buying the newspapers, buying some additional coupons, taxes, register rewards, and all. 172 deordorants and it's the good stuff. 64 cases of Ensure, which is 256 bottles. They are $8.00/pack, which would have been $512 alone. AND that's not even half of the loot.

This is very exciting and all, but what's even more EXCITING is that we can give this ALL away. We can take them to South Fayetteville and the heart of Springdale to hungry and homeless people and tell them that we care and God loves them.

Do you know that homeless people in our town look for outdated baby formula to keep themselves nourished? They do and they would love Ensure, it's good for you and it tastes even better. A lot of us are strapped, but we manage to afford essential items. Can you imagine going w/o a razor, feminine products, toothbrush & paste, deodorant, soap, and bandaids to name a few? I can NOT imagine going without those things. These people have to. We are so excited to give these things away!

I am going to be posting about this often and I pray that you'll find an interest and join me on this crusade to help those in need. There is so much you can do and with very little effort. Stay tuned or call me for details.

OH YEAH, it would have cost $2066 and it was FREE!!!

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