Monday, January 10, 2011

Hilarious Story

Well it's a new year and I am so excited! I know that it's pretty typical of people at this time of year to make resolutions and try to freshen their lives. Some people are cynical and think it's silly and then there are others like me that think it's a great opportunity, year after year.

Just like Pastor says, we need to be shaken! I am ready! I know, I know, several of you are laughing right now, aren't you. Everytime I ask God for something, well...he gives it to me! Three weeks ago I prayed for patience before I got out of bed, and I don't remember what ALL happened that day, but if I hadn't had patience it would a DOOZY of a day! I shared my day's events with my bible study girls and they all laughed before I finished, because they'd all been there. ASK and YOU SHALL RECIEVE.

So to those of you who do not believe, I am here to tell you that there is a GOD and he is answering my prayers and speaking to me daily!!! Snap snap snap (you know the 3 snap and the hand to the hip, with the head bobbing back n forth)

My computer hasn't been cooperating for a couple of months, but I will be up and running with a new one shortly, but I didn't want to wait any longer. I have so many funny stories to share with you, I can't wait.

This is what happened lastnight.
I suggested to my family that we do something out of our comfort zone! I know SCARY! We ALL LOVE Mexican food. I've notice in the year and 1/2 that we've been here that there are 1000 mexican restaurants in a three mile radius. I confidently threw it out there, that it would be fun every Sunday night to visit a different hole in wall Mex diner. We could take a tally and decide in a few months which one was our favorite.

Being a trained chef, I know from experience that the mom and pop outfits are usually the BEST! (Diners, Drive-In's, and Dives is a fav of mine. I plan to visit as many of them as I can) So they appeased me and we left in the freshly falling snow out on our New Year adventure.

Jeff picked the Taqueria on the corner of Sunset and Thompson. When we pulled in Ammorae sayed, "Not this one, it used to be a gas station DAD!" After laughing we unloaded.

Upon our arrival, everyone in the establishment was laughing when we walked in the door. So was Jeff. The waitress greeted us by saying, No Habla English. This immediately sent red flags for Ammorae. We seated ourselves and opened the menus. I looked up at Jeff and said, No habla Espanol. The ENTIRE menu was in Spanish. And to make matters worse we couldn't find the words TACO or BURRITO. When she came to take our order we used our horrible cheesy interpretation of spanish, you know holding up fingers and saying uno Coke...dos Sprite. Much to my amazement Jeff was the 1st one ready to order. He kept saying si, and gracias- UGGG! He stumbled through the pronuciation of his selection and I tried to ask her to make two burritos for my girls. I played it safe and asked for Pollo Enchiladas, which I thought was chicken enchiladas.

The food came out one plate at a time, at least 10 mins. a piece. Talk about weird. There were four whole people in the restaurant, what in world? Jeff's came 2nd and the smell from his plate immediately started to gag everyone. It smelled like a rotten egg. I asked him, what in the world had he ordered and he said he had no clue. I said, WHAT? He said he was being "adventurous" I told him that I couldn't believe he did that. After about gagging out loud and loosing his lunch he got up and put the plate on a table a row away from us. I disected the plate and it had fried eggs inside layers of corn tortilla, some kind of sour white sauce some kind of meat??? The burritos came and we split them, and the girls did eat them. My description of frijoles and tortilla must have worked out well. NO one else ate a single solitary bite.

We went to the counter to get our bill and pay. By this time, the kids were bouncing off the wall, because the snow was coming down pretty good. I was giggling, because this had been memorious (a made up word) occasion for sure. The non-english speaking girl asked us for viente seis dollars. Jeff about had a heart attack. Two burritos and a plate of, we have no idea, $26??? We loaded up the kids, and while were pulling out of the parking lot Ammorae was saying, "Mom, my vote is that we don't come back here" the infamous waitress comes running out to us waving her hands. She tried to explain to Jeff that she needed more money. I told him what she was trying to say. He went back in and argued with her and the cook and then came back out spitting mad. He had to pay $22 more dollars. $48 total. He couldn't understand her and she "claimed" she didn't understand him. I think she knew EXACTLY what was going on.

The last thing Jeff said to me about was, "Honey, I don't think we'll do that again. And not just that restaurant, we should stick to American mexican food."
I tried not laughing too hard.

After taking a pix of the menu, here is some of the stuff that I researched and have interpreted. Brains, intestines, and tongue. Mmmmmm...what do you suppose was on Jeff's plate.

Well, if this is any indication of what 2011 hold for us, I am SO EXCITED! I love adventure. Think of all the memories we are going to make!!! HaPpY NeW yEaR!!!

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