Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Day of School

Well, first things first. My blog is getting a facelift. This week I will be overhauling it! For some strange reason there is a HUGE gap at the bottom and I don't know why. I've tried to fix and figure it out and if you know PLEASE TELL ME!!!

Ammorae started school on Friday. I ALWAYS take a pix infront of the school on the first day. I hope she doesn't mind cause I'm gonna keep doing it.

Aydan will be going to prek five days a week this year. She has Mrs. Kirkendall at Shiloh Christian. She is such a big girl and is so smart. I have no worries for her, and her teacher has already told me that she has a loving heart. Awwww!

Addy is probably the most excited!!! She has been waiting for a year to go to school. All summer long she asked and asked and asked ,"When does school start" When we took Ammorae on Friday she had to wear her new backpack, she was SO excited. She only goes Mon. and Tues. and when I told her that Tues. after school she was SO put out and did not understand why I would do that to her! She has Mrs. Russel and she seems to be very sweet.

She got in the car when I picked her up and she asked me, "did you know that you are not bigger than God" and I said, "Yes, I do know that" she then asked if I knew that her and Aydan were not bigger than God. Then when she started saying more peoples names, I cut her off and said, "No one is bigger than God" She quickly said, "Dad is bigger than God." I laughed and said, "No, he isn't, No one is" She of course argued with me and lastly stated, "He is bigger, because he growed that way, mom" I quit arguing and then debated whether or not to tell Jeff, his head is BIG enough the way it is. No wonder he loves having all these girls. He feels like a king.

The fun thing is that we did several craft projects leading up to the first day of school. We made personalized pillow cases for the girls for nap time.

All of Ammorae's friends decided to decorate the inside of their lockers a few days ahead of time. We made a clipboard that has fancy scrapbook paper on it and then we put a pix (that Tamara took) on it. We also put a magnet on the back so it could hang in her locker. We took zebra paper and taped to the inside of the door and then used fluzzy boas to outline it. On the back wall we put school color and taped up pix of her in her cheer uniform. We also took letters that spelled out her name and put magnets on the back of them.

The FUNNY thing is that after all that work (and it's totally over the top, just like Ammorae) the boa got stuck in the lock and she couldn't get into it after first hour. She asked Mrs. Sabatini to help her. She came prepared with heavy dute screwdrivers to fix it. The handle completely busted and she couldn't use her locker for two days! Maintenance had to replace it all. Hahahahahahha! So the first two days have truly been an adventure. If this is any indication of the rest of the year, this is going to be an adventure. She is so much like Tamara it's not even funny!!! ahhhhhh, help!!!

Then on top of all that, Ava has followed me around all day and asked 1,000 questions. She doesn't know what to do with herself now that those sisters are gone. She wouldn't watch cartoons, read a book, or play with any toys. She is a card for sure! heheheh!

Abigail is 11 1/2 weeks old and is getting used to Ava "helping" her all day! eye yi yi!!

What a crazy and fun week! Memories that we will have forever!

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