Thursday, August 5, 2010

Coupon King

I think we've created a MONSTER!!!

In our continual search to save money we've found many websites that assist and advise to use coupons, newspaper savings ads, and store promotions together to get the best for your money.

I am in charge of the shopping in our house, obviously. I am a GREAT bargain shopper. I can stick to a budget like no other and I can feed a family of 7 most weeks for under $150.

Now, my husband on the other hand...well, I think we've created a MONSTER!

It was a game at first, but now it's out of control CRAZY! Every morning it's a race to see what "good bargains" he can find in the paper and then he cross references it with the helpful websites and then each stores circulars and coupon books. WOW, he's a math wiz and on FiRe to save us money!!!

He's now enlisted the help of our eldest child, Ammorae. I was so happy that he was taking this opportunity to start teaching her one of the most important life lessons, budgeting and spending. I'm pretty sure they are obsessed and having too much fun. He is showing her how to combine all the opportunities so that she can get things FREE. She is getting lip gloss, hair things, snacks, and so many others things FREE or with pennies by making smart decisions.

Lastnight, they took advantage of Walgreen's 15% everything day, with a special coupon. They researched, clipped, and plotted out their big plan and this is what they came home with.

With no savings of any kind this would have cost $248.00. But they only paid $73.00. Which is a savings of $175.00. And also from that we have $26.00 worth of register rewards, which is like cash in your pocket, to spend the next time we go in.

The pantry and linen closets are getting full and there is talk of donating a lot of these goods to Mama Dean's or a shelter.

Just another FUN chapter in the Bryan family story!

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  1. I see some big ol' bags of Peanut M&M's over there...feel free to donate those to my house. Ha!

    Seriously though, great job! I've never done the Walgreens thing because all the coupon combining and RR thing makes my head hurt. Maybe I should tag along with them on their next trip! ;)