Thursday, August 26, 2010

Confessions of an addict

Okay, I have to make a confession. I have a serious addiction and I think I need rehab to kick the habit!

A couple of months ago I was making fun of a friend of mine, Courtney Palfreeman, and she wasn't the only one either. I was at Loving Choices, where I serve as a crisis counselor, and every time she walked in she had a Sonic cup in her hand. Me never being a pop drinker and a penny pincher, I had a hard time understanding why EVERYONE EVERYWHERE I went had a sonic cup in their hand.

I would go to school, Sonic cups in hand driving through the pick up line. I would go to church, Sonic cups in choir practice, and once every person on the praise team had one by their chair, no kidding. I would go to Loving Choices, Sonic cups with shakes,pop, and limeades. (Courtney drinks a strawberry limeade)

Anyway, she told me wait until you move into your new house and you'll see. Of course it was obvious why she said that, because I live within walking distance (one block) away from a Sonic Drive in. BUT there was NO way that just by living near a Sonic I was going to become a junky!!!

Well, the craziest thing happened. During my last trimester of pregnancy I started craving pop. I don't drink pop so I didn't know which one I wanted to drink. I drank a little bit of Mt. Dew in high school and didn't want that much caffeine in my body, especially being pregnant. So I started "experimenting"

I tried Coke and my mother-in-law drinks it so I thought it would be okay. Needless to say 3 months later I am hooked and I can't stop. It doesn't stop there though. I drove to the Sonic to get my first Coke and it was at "Happy Hour" and for a large Coke it was only $1.00, tax included! It was so easy to get!!!

I am a stick to a budget kinda gal, and this definately didn't fall into any of my spending categories. So that my husband wouldn't find out I started robbing the change jar in the kitchen. Who is going to notice a dollar a day gone?

When I get that Coke I slurpe down a huge swig and then ahhhhhh, total quenching happiness. I have been a "sharer" my whole life. My big brothers were bullies to me and even when they picked on me I was known to STILL share with them. My mom and dad always tried to toughen me up, but it never worked. When we go out to eat I always sacfice and order something "kid friendly" so that I can share with the kids and that way everyone is happy and we save money. BUT when it comes to my COKE from SONIC you couldn't pry it out of my hands and NO I won't even share a sip with my kids. Do you know why, it's bad for them. It has too much sugar and too much caffeine. So why am I drinking it???

Well, if that's not bad enough, I stopped drinking it when I delivered and started nursing Abigail, but when she was in the NICU I started have these excruciating headaches. I went to my Dr. and she said that I needed to drink at least one Coke and it would help. So it was at this point that I knew I had become and addict and my body was expecting and NEEDING that high and that I couldn't quit. Since my Dr. told me that I should drink one a day, I thought well there you go, my Dr. advised it and I can keep drinking it.

I lost 30 some pounds right away and was so excited and hopeful about a bright new future. Well now I've plateaued and someone brought to my attention that maybe I should stop drinking Coke AND on shopping day Jeff asked me if I need a 2 liter of Coke and I was taken back. WHAT do you mean, I said? He too had noticed that I had been drinking Coke. I said, I only drink ice water at home and ice tea when we go out to eat, and he told me that I had not hid it as well as I had thought. It was such a bad feeling, but at least my dirty little secret was out. Then one night it was just he and I awake and I asked him at 10pm to run to, yes you guessed it, Sonic to get me one, and of course he did.

So now you see my dilemma. I have not only done this to myself, but I've drug my family into it too. I never thought I would be "One of those people" BUT I have to admit that YES, yes I am.

So after being in denial, and then finally admitting it I've decided that I am going to exercise regularly and go back to NOT drinking Coke, except for a special occasion. Don't think for a second, that driving down that road, especially on my way to pick up the girls at 3pm right in the middle of Happy Hour it's not torturous! But I have faith that I can beat it. Pray for me and embrace my entire family.

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  1. When I got pregnant with Caedmon, I quit caffeine. It wasn't hard - I didn't drink a lot of cokes anyway, but I do LOVE a Cherry Vanilla Coke from Sonic. I stayed off caffeine my entire pregnancy and when I was nursing. I nursed Caedmon for a year. That's right...a year. So it was with much joy that the day after Caedmon was weaned, I announced, "I'M GOING TO SONIC!" Chris thought I'd lost my mind because I was so excited over something so simple. But let me tell was the best Cherry Vanilla Coke I've ever had. :)