Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer Fun

Here are a few things that are MUST HAVES for the summer and some ideas for you to have some fun with your little ones!

Bubble machine - My little girls love to blow bubbles! They are so fascinated by it, but I saw this and KNOW that it'll be the NEW FUN THING for awhile.

Ice cream machine- You can buy these ANYWHERE! They come in all sizes and prices, from simple (my vote) to fancy. I remember taking my turn hand cranking on my Grandma's porch. Who doesn't LOVE the taste of FRESH old fashioned ice cream? The flavor possibilities are endless and it can be made well in advance. Who needs the Orange Mango, when you can do it at home and have fun.

Chorelist- Yes, you read correctly. All of my kids will be in charge of certain things over their "summer break" It's a PERFECT time to teach responsibility and help out mom. It can be a very overwhelming time for parents in the summer to keep the house clean and the kids busy, so they don't get BORED and make things even more difficult.

Book time- We either pull out a pile of books that we haven't read or we each go buy a new book to kick off the summer. At some point during the day the tv goes off and we all relax with a book. Sometimes Ammorae reads to the little girls, or they "pretend" read to each other and I get an opportunity to finally have some good catch up reading time too.

Baby you can read- I received this program for Christmas and it's REALLY working. It uses dvd's that show pictures and repetitive speaking and motions to teach even your 1 yr old how to read. I will advance my kids to the next step and maybe even introduce one of the foreign languages. Go to half.com, ebay, or craigslist to buy them less expensive or used. Buying them this way you can gradually build your library and collection. I wonder if Game Exchange has it?

Here are some fun things you can do with your kiddos that are inexpensive and frugal;

Library time- my kids LOVE this! Most of the time you get to do a craft as well as hear some good stories. There is even a baby bookworm, this is my favorite, we get to sing, dance, and play musical instruments.

Dollar Movie Day- The Razorback Cinema has a $2.00 movie day each week and we went everytime last summer.

If you haven't done either of these make it a point- have a Lemonade stand and make homemade play-doh. Make sure that gma & gpa and friends will "casually" stop by to buy the lemonade. I have the BEST play- doh recipe that's last forever and smells great too.

Go bowling- The bumper lanes make it easy for success and during the afternoon it's less likely to be busy.

Water balloon day- We work all morning filling a laundry basket with water balloons and after nap time we all particpate in a crazy water fight.

Well, I don't want to overwhelm you, so look for somemore ideas next week! I can't wait to have my girls at home with me for all this fun! If you have good ideas, PLEASE pass them my way!!! I will be posting some GREAT recipes as well!

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  1. Those are great ideas, Aimee! I'd wondered about the movie theater - Caedmon's never been and I wanted to try a few of those this summer to see how he handles it. Maybe we'll see you guys there!