Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My husband the ARTIST

I just had to share this with you! Many of you don't know that Jeff is an artist. He was raised in a very artistic family, which explains the eccentric spirit that he has. (not always easy to live with, but I'm not either)

This was his first portrait, and of course it's of me, and this was done right after high school. It is hanging in our bedroom. He's improved so much since then. He's done several famous and celebrity people. He even did a portrait for Martina McBride. Cool hu! For awhile it was a full time job for him to try to keep up with the demand. People LOVE to give gifts like this to their loved ones. (then he quit for many years)

Last year for his bday the girls and I refreshed his supplies and urged him to pick it up again. So he chose to do a beautiful piece of my dad wearing his Fez. (Shrine hat) It was a gorgeous depiction and resemblence of him and was very emotional.

After doing that one he decided that he was going to branch out and try something more stationary. He started a 3' or 4' canvas of the Washington Monument draped in the United States Flag. Of course with his new job and the HEAVY hours he hasn't been able to finish it, but it's on display in our family/craft room, waiting for him.

He has an amazing talent and love for doing this. I pray that someday he'll do one for each one of his daughter's. What a priceless gift. We love you babe!

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