Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Natural Spring

We relished the SHORT one day trip that we had as a family. We used to travel a lot, but Jeff's new job is very time consuming and he hasn't had any vacation time, until the end of this month. HOORAY!

We had so much fun visiting, singing, eating, and joking on the five hour trip back to Kansas last week.

On our way home we make a few pit stops, mostly to ease the pain of a long bumpy ride for me. One of the stops was really close to home. In Oklahoma there is a natural spring that we've visited since I was a kid. It has started producing bottled water for sale. DiVine, is it's professional name.

Here are some pix of my silly girls and their daddy. (oh yeah, the reason we stopped is because it's in the middle of nowhere and Aydan was about to potty her pants. We had to do an old fashioned country girl stop along side the road)

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