Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Where I Come From...

...a small town in Kansas. I lived in this small town for 18 or 19 years. My parents have lived there longer and Jeff's family has lived there for generations that started during the Oklahoma Land Rush back in 1893, to which they've donated a Bronze statue to dipict the event.

We were able to run home for a day to get the rest of our things out of storage and I felt very compelled to snap some pix so that I forever had a stationary memory.

When you live somewhere so long and are such a part of the background it's hard to leave and it's hard not be there during certain seasons and celebrations.

(Thurman's Harvesting - looks like the John Deere Imp)
It's still the same ol place, but I did notice that they are freshening up in a few spots too. There is such a comfort in a small town, even the crass grouchy old lady that you know is going to harrass you about something you did 10 years ago, every time you see her. It's been 10 months that I've been gone and I was correct about the business hours and same specials at the restaurants while we were there. On Sunday I had to rush to the grocery store after church, because it closes at 4pm and there is only one restaurant open that night.

(A part of our Farm Store)
Something else that is exciting to me is to see my peers stepping up to the plate and doing their part. Many of my classmates and friends are on the hospital board, city counsel, business owners, voluteering for emergency and community efforts, teachers, Sunday school teachers, and more.

(Plum Thickett Inn - I was a cook & waitress here for many years)
I attended 8 years of school there and then came back and had children and ran and owned a couple of businesses and serve in the community a lot, I was the Chamber President for a couple of years.

(Dan Ray's Semi, that we've rhode many a time in)
How many of you have a similar story? It definately made a difference in who I am today. Small towns are great. Next week I'll post how it devastated and scarred me for life too!

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