Friday, March 5, 2010

Size Matters

(One of my cooking helpers)
Well it's another update about ME! There are several contributors that might have made the effects upon me having anemia and gestational diabetes. One very important one (I imagine, although no one has said so) is being overweight.

I feel like it's a jolt and an opportunity all in one. I have done quite a bit of research, as well as my concerned husband, and I've found a good list of foods that are and aren't good for both of these illnessess. I have implemented new foods into my meal plan. I have been eating broccoli, asparagus, eggs, red meat, and dark salads in all of my meals. These are foods that I love and order when we go out, but have neglected to bring into my home. My excuses: I have young children who do not like eating these things and an anti-vegetable eating husband. We eat the run of the mill family friendly foods with canned veggies.

So I have been cooking and eating these foods as my main course and their dinner as my sides. Eventually, I feel like being an example and having them try them will spur some interest.
Also I have only gained 8 lbs. and I have 3 months left to go. I do realize that these are the "weight gaining" months, but I am inspired to do good and get through this in a more healthy effort. I have been exercising. When I first tried the Wii Active game, I was sooo sore for two days and never wanted to do it again, but now I realize that it was helpful and actually works, so while the weather is colder that is what I'll do and as soon as it warms up, awalking I will go. (a hint to my family; I need a new ipod)

I am also cutting sugar out of my diet. NO pop or iced tea either. And I figure if I can do this, than I can be well on my way to being couragous and disciplined for my future. (Well, we'll see)
(don't all of you cook in an apron and your panties?)

One more thing, I DO welcome advise!

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