Saturday, March 6, 2010

A day right out of a bad movie script!

First of all, I'm not even going to talk about yesterday's day! My health issues kicked my butt and I'm still too damaged to talk about it.

Angela (Slaughter) your jaunt with Jeb and the season salt doesn't even come close to my MONSTER, I mean "angel" Ava! Ava is 19 almost 20 months old and I've NEVER really gone through the Terrible Two's with any of the other girls, but I think that I'm get hit quadruple with this one!!!

She started out the day getting into my dressing table and "applying" her own lipstick. Of course, I gasped, and then later had a little laugh. THEN, she opened a bottle of hot pink nail polish, while on my lap and painted herself, lips and all, and I didn't even notice. I had to scrub her from head to toe and parts of her are STILL stained. The ladies at church tomorrow are really gonna wonder.

After freaking out about that, I decided to take them on a picnic. While enjoying the fresh air and sunshine, the girls took their John Deere Gator powerwheels and rhode it around. I chose to close my eyes and rest on the blanket. Aydan and Addy put Ava in the back and she of course stood up, fell out, bruised her spine, and hit her head hard! Ammorae rushed her to me and within minutes she fell asleep. So, of course, I panicked and called my Nurse Practioner sister to see if I needed to haul her to the Dr. We decided to keep a close eye on her and wait. Jeff insisted on examining her himself, so I had to run her to town. She slept for three hours! Yeah, probably just to worry me.

After deciding that she was going to be alright, we settled in for a nice quiet evening, because Pam Hale took Ammorae and Aydan for a sleepover and leaving the two, usually quiet and calm, little ones with Jeff and I.

WELL, while preparing a lovely homemade meal, she comes in saying "uh-oh" and I dropped everything and ran following her. She, apparently very determined, had got into the trash and dug out the hot pink polish, opened it AGAIN, painted her hands and feet and swirled it on the living room carpet!!!

Can ANYONE top that? I don't even think that Leo could come close to that! Did I mention that Ammorae and I couldn't quit laughing during our picnic, because she kept falling off kilter, we were on a hill, and she stepped on the sandwiches and tipped the chips over. I have NEVER dealt with so much craziness with any one or all of my children put together, like this!

Isn't she a blessing. I was smart enough to get one pix, but the rest of the day I was too shocked to even consider it. Enjoy the one!


  1. I enjoyed getting to meet you today! I hope to see you again soon!