Monday, March 1, 2010

A New Monday

Well, hello everyone. I hope that you missed me, because I definately missed writing and hearing from you!

This last week was a really hard one for me. I've been struggling with anemia and decided that there were things that I wasn't going to be able to do or get done and looking at the computer was one of them.

The exhaustion is the WORST part of this. I feel like I can not get enough sleep or get woke up and it lasts all day and all night. I REALLY have to put my mind to doing something and concentrate on it whole heartedly to get it accomplished. It gives me a lazy and sad feeling. I worry about falling asleep while watching my little ones. I've had a major loss of appetite, which not so good for my family, because I haven't felt like I can cook or bake. I'm sure that they are wanting their "old" mommy back!

I get to go to the hospital tomorrow for several more hours of tests so my doctor can make the determination about my blood sugars and if I have Gestational Diabetes. Since it's a lengthy process Jeff gets stay at home to take care of the girls and then go to work after lunch. What he probably doesn't realize is that he will be really busy. Aydan has to go to school and Ammorae has an orthodontist appointment and then get back to school and don't forget that he has to pack up Addy and Ava and haul them around too. This will be interesting and he'll get a good dose of what mommy does in a mornings work.

Anyway, I'll try to keep you updated. Please keep me and my family in your prayers. This is not a fun nor easy situation, but we'll try to make the best of it.

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