Friday, February 26, 2010

Random Thoughts

Well the last two days have been a little different. First of all I've been sluggish feeling, so I've been taking it easy. Second, Papa and Landon came to visit us!!!

Ava and Unc Wandon had lots of fun together!

After an unfortunate and scary car accident that Auntie Sonya had a couple of weeks ago, it left them looking for a car and who did they know that could hook them up?

The finance expert helped them with a really good deal! And the car is pretty too!

We had missed Papa soooo much! The girls were ecstatic to see him! So was I! He got lots of lovin and was showed every new thing, nicknack, good homework, art projects, bible verses, and major bombardment that you could think of. But we since buying a car was involved we spent a couple of hours at the dealership and Papa, of course, was the center of attention. He showed the guys (Jeff's co-workers) all of his good magic tricks, told all the funniest jokes, and of course pulled out the bullwhips and popped them like crazy. Sounds like your run of the mill good time, doesn't it. I wish I had a pix, but I too popped the bullwhip, just to show the MEN that I could, especially when they couldn't. I have to tell you this 6 mo. pregnant country girl still has it! A great time was had by all. The guys will be trying to tie those knots for a few days, good job dad!

I neglected to show you what my babies got for me for my bday last week. They really know their mama and what she wants.
Most people wouldn't understand, but these are the kind of things that I LOVE! Who wouldn't want a new sifter for her birthday?

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