Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day Special

Usually, Valentine's Day isn't a big ordeal at our house. We try to avoid the money trap. We do celebrate our love for one another, especially with the little girls. But this year it was a weekend of Valentine's.

My girls and I went to OKC to visit the sister's and my mom. We attended the Affairs of the Heart w/o any kids, which has NEVER happened. Paul teamed up with Ammorae and watched the kids, but it was mostly the Uncle Paul show. He spoiled them with a trip to the park, homemade "special seasoned" popcorn (their favorite) and he even painted all of their nails. WOW! Remember he doesn't have any little girls at his house. He probably should have been terrified, most people are.

The Affairs of the Heart is another entry all together. It was awesome! We hit the mother load.

The we hit two late night ball games, one of Brent's and one of Ryan's. They both won and did awesome!

On Sunday Gramma treated the family to a lovely brunch at The Cheesecake Factory. It was also an early birthday celebration for me. My kids wore party hats and so did Zac, but we couldn't catch it on camera.

When we came home we were surprised with flowers, cards, and gifts from daddy. He put a rose in everyone's favorite cup, even Ava's. (sippy cup) Then he and I went on "The Great Date Experiment" It was so much fun! He took me to The Powerhouse restaurant. We played a game with our server that offered her an opportunity to make extra money throughout our dinner. She did really good.

I was exhausted and really feeling the long weekend, so I fell asleep and daddy played the girls' new wii game with them and put them to bed. What a blessed weekend. I love you Lord. Thank you for the safe travels and all the extra blessings!

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