Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Managing A Busy Family

It's no secret that I'm a BIG fan of being organized. I try to go shopping once a week. I plan a menu that includes snacks and desserts for one week at a time. I write down a list of meals and hang it on the bulletin board. In the morning when we are eating breakfast together we have a vote on which meal we want for dinner. Which ever one gets the most votes is the winner and that's what I work on throughout the day. Sometimes I even let Ammorae's friends weigh in on it. I let them vote the night before either, through texting or facebook and it makes it fun for her. And then the next time I see them they ask, "How was the homemade pizza and breadsticks?" (which is what we are having tonight. The dough is rising as we speak)

Including the entire family makes it fun! The girls help with almost every single meal. Sometimes it's messy, but they learn skills that will assist them throughout their entire life. Just a side note, don't deny your kids the opportunity to learn responsibility. I hear so many adult women saying that they CAN'T cook, because their mother's just wanted to do it and get it done. That is just a huge dis-service.

Try this organizational tip and see how if it works for you.

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  1. We missed y'all Sunday! Hope to see you tomorrow night! You're a great blogger, by the way!