Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Raising God Seeking Children

Last night we were flipping through the channels and found the MTV show "16 and Pregnant" I want to state right off the bat that we DO NOT watch MTV at our house. It in no way, shape, or form is a good example for anyone! Anyway, Ammorae and I talk often about this topic, because it's very obviously an issue very close to my heart.

I was a young unwed single mother and very obviously want to teach her to abide and obey better than I did. I also volunteer at Loving Choices each week counseling girls in crisis pregnancy's. This show does more than it's job showing how NOT COOL it is to be a teenager and be pregnant. It doesn't leave any room for question what a young person might be feeling or going through in a crisis like this.

It showed her that in that position you lose your time, social life, sleep, trust, respect, and relaxed lifestyle that an average teenage girl gets. This particular episode showed a rude, disrespectful, cussing, and selfish girl. These are things that we talk about all the time. These are things that kids her age are doing to be "cool". She kept saying, "can you believe that" "Why did she talk to her mom like that" "Why doesn't someone do something about it"

That is exactly my point today. We must as parents and God followers be strict and put our foot down. We must teach no tolerence and purity. We can ask God for strength and he will provide it. We have to stop worrying about being our children's friends and hurting their feelings. We DO have control for a certain amount of time, while they are in our homes, and if you don't, you need to obtain it and make some changes. I know that sometimes it feels uncomfortable and is scary, but you love them and it's essential to a successful future and it's what God wants us to do. Good Luck and let's pray for each other. Pass along any ideas that may help me in my home or at Loving Choices.

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  1. well said. I can't believe the world we have to raise our children in-it scares me and breaks my heart. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!!