Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Raising God Seeking Children

Today I attended my monthly MOPS meeting. For those of you who aren't firmiliar it stands for Mothers Of Preschoolers. We invited a panel of men into our meeting to listen and discuss their opinions about our relationships.

The main concept that screamed at me was that our children learn mainly by example. I know that is not a great epiphany, but it was layed out to me in a way that I hadn't examined or thought about it before.

A woman needs submit to her husband and he unto the Lord and through that, obviously love and respect each other. But a woman needs to allow her husband to be in charge and be the head of the home. (and if he doesn't do that well, God will deal with him) A woman needs to put her relationship with her husband FIRST, that means before her children. Yes, you heard me correctly. And your children need to know and understand that concept.

If I don't display that throughout my day, faithfully, infront of them and bring it to their attention, how could I possibly think that one day they too will know to do this in their own relationships? It's important for present day, and during the daily grind and it's important to their futures.

A good way to start this is when daddy comes home, mom's we should build him up and get the kids excited to see him and tell them how hard he works for us. More ideas that were shared, are to stop whatever you are doing and give him your undivided attention and love before throwing the chorelist at him or the lowdown from the day. Make sure that it's obvious that he's the king of the castle. Promise each other special one-on-one attention during the week. And obviously communicate about what your expectations are and visa versa.

If my girls know that their dad and I are solid they too will feel solid. An obvious and easy way to help your husband is to pray for him daily. Pray for guidance, pray for protection, which includes a wide realm of things,and pray that God has favor for him. And doing this with your children can teach them so many things.

Who would have thought that a lesson for my kids would too be a lesson for me. This topic could be discussed daily and we'll have to visit it again. Remember that being an example goes a long long way.


  1. we discussed relationships with our spouses and children at MOPS today too...specifically the book Five Love Languages...interesting!