Thursday, February 11, 2010

Serving Others

I was reminded today of a GREAT opportunity here in Northwest Arkansas. So those of you who are reading that are in the area, pay close attention and serve today.

During the fall, through a friend, I was introduced to a very special lady who is a Christ follower and a beautiful example of a servant leader. Mama Dean has a restaurant in South Fayetteville. For every meal that you purchase, she gives a meal to a hungry person, who more than likely is homeless. When the weather started to turn chilly and cold she started making a plea that people come together and gather items that these cold and hurting folks would need. That list of contributors is very lengthly. People who are assisting and serving are that of small children, family units, churches, non-profit organizations, and large corporations; such as J.B.Hunt.

Some people offer to pay for her supplies and she then in turn does the work and provides a warm and loving environment for these people to come with no judgement or strings attached. On Christmas my entire family (parents, sisters, and their families) did not give any gifts, instead we contributed and spent our Christmas morning serving breakfast with another family down there. It had snowed and was very frigid, so Jeff drove a lot of folks back to their "homes" which were cold tents spread all throughout Southern Fayetteville.

Mama Dean and her helpers gave out gloves, shoes, blankets, tents, clothes, and bags of food. These people were SO thankful and in much need. My children loved serving, visiting, and they even sang a couple of carols for them. All these people want and need is unconditional love.

It's not for us to judge or decide anything about their lives decisions. God says to LOVE your neighbor as yourself. He also says for you to give the shirt off your back, if someone is in need. Will you obey? It's very cold outside right now and the winter season is far from being over. Take some things down there or drop them off to me. Go down there and eat,so she can feed someone else, the food is very good. The environment is one to be experienced. The kitchen plays soul music that resonates throughout the entire restaurant.

By-the-way, Mama Dean will be on my Inspiration entry on Sunday, and I think that you would love to know that she gives ALL she has. She deserves much!

Mama Dean's Soul Food Kitchen - South School Street

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