Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Managing A Busy Family

WELL, a typical Tuesday would entail getting around early, because I attend a morning women's bible study at First Baptist Church of Springdale. School and bible study were both cancelled today, due to snow and frigid temperatures. Jeff's schedule got re-arranged and had the day off too.

Today I slept in, I got up at 8am. We were slow and relaxed. After watching some tv with the kids my husband, surprised me and suggested that it was time to get the chores done. After organizing the kids on their responsibilities he cleaned and vaccuumed his little heart out. He knows how I function and that I have a better day when I get the house cleaned and my list cleared early. He doesn't understand or work that way, and that's why I am so impressed and pleased.

I HAVE to be organized and have a plan in place if I am going to be successful everyday. I have several peoples itineraries to keep. And sometimes it's really easy to get wrapped up in a one track mind frame. Work, work, work! Although this is my comfort zone, it's not my husband's.

Then they went sledding and provided much entertainment for Ava and I to watch out the window. My favorite scene was Jeff loaded on the sled on his stomach and Aydan on his back. They flew about 200 ft. down our hill with her laughing and whispy hair flying and then finally she rolled off and screamed, "daddy that was fun".

In a clean kitchen, and kids being attending to, I was able to make a nice lunch for my troops to warm up to. The girls were overly tired and volunteered to lay down for naps, which made a great afternoon.

The important point is that being flexible today and enjoying my family being together, blessed me with a great surprise. God blessed us both Jeff and I for being patient and thoughtful. It's "normally" essential for me to be biligerant and stay focused and do it my way and today I learned that it doesn't ALWAYS have to go down that way. This will be a long lasting memory for me. (I'm sure that tomorrow will be a day for therapy for the other half of my day. Most daydreams are short and sweet.) Oh yeah did I mention that Jeff even painted the girls nails too.

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