Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Raising God Seeking Children

Well some have criticized me and said that I am on a "Crusade" to shelter or save my children. Well say what ever you will and call it what YOU want to, but I am bound and determined to take every opportunity and take intentional time to teach my children about our sovereign and gracious Father.

My story isn't as warm and fuzzy as it will sound, but it definitely is sweet. I vividly remember asking Jesus into my heart when I was five and w/o a doubt I knew exactly what I was saying, asking, and accepting! My parents had just renewed their relationship with God and had committed the entire family to a pretty strict and close walk of faith. We, like some of you, practically lived at the church - it was our home and family. Being in a small rural area, they let me sing my little heart out every Sunday and days in between. I've had Jesus in my heart ever since I can remember and that's what I want for my girls too.

I will take a stand and say that my life has been FAR from perfect, but even in the harder times, I know he's been there and had his hand in everything.

This last month God has laid a burden on me about how I am raising my girls. I've been nervous, excited, unsure, and everywhere in between on my stragedy. I can easily voice to you what I don't want to happen in their adolescence, but when it comes to directly deciding what to "intentionally" do - I've been a bit vague. They've all been in church from the day of their birth and they all know by heart, "Jesus Loves Me" but I can tell you from experience, it's not enough.

I've always been very open and honest with Ammorae (the oldest) and we often freely talk about our responsibility to be a Godly and Christian woman. I've truly felt that I've done a more than average job explaining and being a good example to her. Tonight on our way home from the weekly Wednesday night at church, we were talking about what we both had learned. And she asked what it meant to be a "lukewarm" Christian. And I of course took the opportunity to explain it and insert it into her daily life as an example. I asked her, "Are you a lukewarm Christian"? She said, "Mom, I'm just a sixth grader" Wait there is more. "Of course, sometimes I am".

It's definitely not what I expected to hear, but it's what I needed to hear. I know now that I've got my work cut out for me and that I have to trudge on with more fervor and excitement so that the next time I ask that question, maybe she'll ponder a bit longer before so quickly deciding that her age and youth have something to do with her loving God and obeying him and his calling on her life.

We've definitely got a lot to talk about on Wednesday's. I hope that you'll stay tuned and share with me your thoughts, feelings, and ideas. I pray that God sends me all the help that I can get. I welcome every bit of advice that you'll give me.

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