Thursday, February 4, 2010

Serving Others

Thursdays are very exciting for me. I am a volunteer at Loving Choices, a Christian Pregnancy Crisis Center. I go there ever Thursday for four hours. We counselor and serve women with love and grace and without judgement.

I learned about this opportunity when I was attending our women's bible study at FBCS last fall. Our faithful leader was Courtney Palfreeman and she worked there as well. She has now taken on a much stronger role and is the fundraiser for the both locations, and let me tell you she's a God send.

When I heard about this place and what they do, I KNEW that I had to be apart of it. I too experienced a young unexpected pregnancy and have always felt that God wanted me to share with others who might be walking the same path.

I was blessed to have the faith and support to direct me to my church when I was struggling. My friends in Kiowa, KS not only helped and supported me but taught me to understand a much deeper love that God had for me and my baby.

We administer pregnancy and STD testing. We have the most beautiful care center that has a baby boutique that gifts women for coming and learning about God and how to become a great mother. (They ALWAYS need donations)

There are sad and shocking stories about too young of a youth having intercourse and not being able to have any understandings about the consequences on their lives. There are happy heart warming stories of married couples anxiously awaiting the arrival of their dream child. But all in all God's hand is upon this place and all the people who work and volunteer there. It's amazing! If you are curious, please come visit. If you want to serve, I invite you to check us out. There are many capacities that you can do so.

Serving can be writing a Thank You card, which I did last night. It can be baking cookies to give to a friend, we hand delivered them to daddy's friends at Kent Dobbs and took some to church for my "Crazy Love" bible study class. It can be stopping and helping someone stuck in the snow. Thank you dad for the tow rope, it's very dirty! (my parents manufacture and make them) There are endless ways you can serve. I ask today that God lays it on your heart to try to do so as often as you can. He demands it of us. And you might even enjoy it, like I do!

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