Monday, February 1, 2010

Managing A Busy Family

I know that everyone of you can relate! When I was three I lived in a house with my parents, of course, and at least six other siblings, give or take a few. There were nine of us all together, in a yours, mine, and ours household. Our house was also opened to many foster children and foreign exchange students, not to mention all the people that my dad picked up and brought home who were "down" on their luck. So maybe some of you haven't really seen a "busy", or probably a better word is crazy, household.

I have an eleven year old who is just starting to dabble in cheerleading and sports. She has made a commitment to be involved in youth group and a connection group at church and MOTION, which is a youth evangelism team. So needless to say we are constantly coming and going with her alone right now.

BUT don't forget, I have three other little girls and another one on the way. I have tried to carefully plan and organize our time so we can spend and enjoy as much time together, because it doesn't last long, and it seems they are in another world.

It's not a secret that our family has gone through many changes in the last couple of years, and one thing we've struggled with has been finances. Oh no, I have admitted it in public??? Due to our deep desire to become "dept free" we've been a one vehicle household (which is paid for). Can you imagine? I've been getting up and taking the girls to school, then Jeff to work, back home, work on the house, run errands, pick girls up, (at different times) go back home and do homework and get supper started, sometimes go to basketball practice, go pick up Jeff, and then, if I'm lucky settle in. My average day, usually brings me to town at least four times!!! AHHHHHH!

If your a mother, you completely understood that there was NO time left to do anything for yourself. That's where the ART of carefully planning and staying on your toes comes in handy. By-the-way, Jeff just recently bought a pre-owned vehicle, which has been a true God send, that has lightly lightened my load. I believe it's a reward of being faithful!

So, I hope that you will stay tuned for each installment of Managing A Busy Family to see what happens next, because you are sure to be entertained. I hope you might even walk away with something that will help you with your busy schedule!


  1. You just need a Danger Ranger!!!!! Problem solved. Ha!!!!

  2. ...or you could just bounce back and forth from one thing to the next like me!! hehe;)

  3. Oh Lord, not a Danger Ranger!! :) HA!

    Love your blog, Aimee! It just gives me warm fuzzies to read what you write. Keep it up, Sister!