Friday, February 5, 2010

Arts & Crafts

I Love arts and crafts. The realm and it's unlimited possibilities! The thing about arts and crafts is that it's neat to see something that you like or want and go home and try it for yourself. This is what I live for! There isn't a day that goes by and I don't see or find something or an idea and say, "I can do that myself".

The internet and blogs have busted the doors wide open for people to share their details and specific plans on how to accomplish such things on your own. I am a "handy girl" instead of a handyman. I probably use power tools more often than my husband and I DO ask for them for my bday and such. As a matter of a fact I'm looking to borrow or buy a router for a project.

I was in a couple of shop classes in high school, but I learned more from my dad than anyone. He can make a trash can look good! I also took home economics, attended an Art College and Culinary School. All of these things are classified as Arts.

Some my dreams revolve around making and either giving or selling my wares. I am building a book right now that I believe will be something HUGE and useful to every household in America and beyond. Don't worry you'll be hearing all about it later down the line. I will share my ideas and projects with you and hopefully you will use some of them yourself. I'd also like your honest opinion, if you think it's marketable and retail worthy. Instead of hiring stuffedshirts I will ask the PEOPLE, who are the real professionals, and the buyers. No doubt about it though, most of my entries will be personal feats that will be only for fun, like next weeks Valentine's for my kids.

Here goes, my first project unveiled is my version of a growth chart. I made one for my nephew Leo and my sister liked so I made one for each one of my little girls. I haven't seen one around for awhile. Most of you are using a closet wall with a pencil. It seemed very Pottery Barn looking to me, which I am into. Each one is different and I will mark them with paint pens. I am going to paint their names on them. I want to make some for gifts for a few friends. Tell me what you think, and be anonymous if you like, so I know if they are selling worthy or if you'd like one. There are lots of baby stores in the area that could sport an Aimee Bryan original.


  1. Well, we just love, love, LOVE the boy version you made for Leo, just measured him yesterday...check it out on my blog!!

  2. Speaking of your book! I was thinking about that the other day and how I didnt get a thing from my hubby for our anniversary and how if i had one of those books it would make it sooo nice for all of us!!! Need to put me one together!