Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Inspiration

Well, I have so many people to fill this spot with each week. I can't wait. You better be careful, because you might be on here next! You know, you can find inpiration everywhere, especially if you're always upbeat and looking for the good in people.

That's exactly the description of the next person that I am uplifting on MY INSPIRATION SUNDAY. Lois Lukins, or if you live in my house she's called Lola, has been a HUGE inspiration to me all of the years that I've known her.

She was the most submissive and obedient example of a wife that I have every known. She has mentored and ministered to numerous women about how she did it and how she sees life's duties as a Christian woman, wife, and mother. She and her husband Bob were such a team and influence to all who came into their presence. I've heard testimony after testimony of people stating how they were brought to the Lord through their ministry.

For those of you who are reading and don't know The Lukins', yet, because you will after today; Bob passed away in 2002 and he is GREATLY missed. Bob's story is another entry that I will tell one day. Lois was an extension of Bob and when you said one's name the other immediately followed, like they were attached or hooked together. ex."LoisandBob this... BobandLois that..." I think that many of us wondered what she would do when he wasn't here any longer. Well, as much as we all know she misses him and tells you everyday that she can't wait and is ready to join him she hasn't slowed down a notch.

Lois will be 87 in October and if you met her or know her you'd never guess her age. She's not your run-of-the-mill, Grandma. Daily she serves the Lord, her family, and the community in GREAT capacities. I am a young mother of four (almost five) and I have to admit that I would have troubles keeping up with her. If something is going on at church, she's there helping. She has been a Sunday school teacher for each one of my little girls. She sings at the nursing home every Thursday. She volunteers at the General Store, a local community thrift store. She volunteers at the food bank. She is part of the United Methodist Women's group, Ladies Auxilary, Senior Citizen's Center, Fundraising for Hospice Care, organizes the Blood Mobile, and more things I'm sure that I've missed. She hauls food and transportation to the fields during harvest. She is a master gardener. And in between all of this, she makes time to travel. She spends vacation time in and out of the country. Her last trip to Hawaii made local headlines. She makes many trips to Branson every year and I've drug her many places with me and my family and she's ALWAYS up for it! And BEST of all she bakes the best cakes and there is no other homemade ice cream that could be any better than hers.

Lois I LOVE you and I'm glad God brought us into each other's lives. I am trying to follow in her footsteps. I know that she's been an inspiration for so many others. Father, thank you for blessing this earth with such an example and leader. And just like the song says, "Greater things are yet to come and greater things are still to be done" and Lois is going to be apart of them, that I guarantee!

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