Saturday, February 20, 2010

Arts and Crafts

Trust in the Lord with all of your heart...Proverbs 3:5

Last Saturday I took off to OKC and had a Girls Day Out with my mom and sisters. We went to An Affair of the Heart! If you are not firmiliar it's a large expo. I personally would call it a women's expo. They have two locations that serve two city's and four shows throughout the year. The one in OKC is the only one I've ever gone too, but this summer I'm going to check out the one in Tulsa. OKC's is at the State Fair grounds and has SEVEN buildings of vendors!!!

Did you hear me...SEVEN bldgs. Some of the most unique vendors from all over the United States come pedaling their wares. They drop their prices, because they know that you have sooo many other items that you could possibly spend your money on! I've never walked away empty handed.

My favorite thing to do is get ideas. I am a creative personal and can copy just about any craft that is out there. If I can't, my mom or one of my sisters can! I love to collect ideas for all of the special people in my life. I either get their card and put it in my gift ideas book, so I can order them or I can study them to make myself. If you don't get motivated just by walking through the plethera of ideas, there is definately something wrong with you!

One of my favorite sayings, "I LOVE giving homemade gifts, which one of the kids do you want?"

I TRY not to go overboard and I set a budget and take cash, so that I'm not tempted to splurge. Many people bring carts in with them and make mad dashes out to the car to empty them out to make room for the next good buy. BUT I will tell you that they've made it easy for the average shopper and each vendor has credit card/ debit card machines. So sweet.

So make it a point to have your own girls day out and have fun! OKC dates are Oct. & Feb. Tulsa dates are July & Nov. I am telling you this is a DO NOT MISS situation! Then when all is said and done you go out and have a nice dinner to relax!

Enjoy the pix of a FEW of my great finds! The kid is mine, but the homemade headband I bought.

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