Saturday, August 6, 2011


Gramma & Papa took us to Cowtown in Wichita. It is

the BEST "Old Town" I have ever been to. Here are all the

grandkids that were together.

My dad has been wanting a Chuckwagon for quite sometime.

I want to learn how to do chuckwagon cooking.

Someday we'll get our stuff together!!!

This is my nephew Dalton from Connecticut

trying out a bow and arrow.

The girls were pretty mesmerized!

Here is my mom showing the kids how to use some

"old fashioned" toys! Pretty good hu!

Here is Papa showing Addy how to plunk out a tune on the old

piano! Love hearing him chord those tunes! Reminds

me of Grandma Frances.

Here we are in the church getting a good word from Pastor Ammorae.

This is the one room school house. The kids got to hear Papa

give them the low-down. He went to one when he was a little boy.

We all AGREE, he was probably in trouble a lot!

Jeff was trying out a pair of old stilts.

We got a good deal 3 for 1! Trying out an old wooden coffin!

An intense game of checkers. I think when they weren't

looking Gramma stacked the board!!!

Papa & Aydan on the boardwalk infront

of the General Store! SWEET!

In the Bank, Brent was on the other side trying to hold it up!

The Saloon Girls were off that day, so we improvised!

Great looking Can-Can line!

Amanda & Brent working hard on the railroad!

Brent on the stagecoach! What an amazing place.

I fell in love with the actual homes that were set-up

just like they used to be. I think that's the era that

I would have liked to visited!

Thank you mom and dad for taking on this trip

through history! We LOVED it!

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