Monday, August 8, 2011

The BAT Cave

Our family met right outside of Freedom OK

to visit the Alabaster Caverns!

Zac brought his girlfriend Reagan and Brent

from OKC and met us there.

Every single business in Freedom has an old fashioned

1800's store front. Such a neat place to take pictures.

This is my nephew Brent trekking through the cave

on our tour.

Papa was teaching the youngsters a piece of history

and talked a lot about his past.

Amanda is posing next to a lit up piece of Alabaster.

Mom was trying to wrangle ornery Ava and

make it through the cave without slipping, it was wet and

very slippery!

The entrance to the cave and 3/4 mile walk.

Abigail enjoyed her 1st journey through a dark damp cave

she chauffeured her daddy.

Here is the whole crew, minus the photographer (me) of course.

Afterwards, we grabbed a bite at this rustic cowboy cafe

outside of the park's entrance.

We had lots of laughs and FUN!

Of course, Brent has to make a silly face.

Silly head shot, Aydan.

Dalton is never far behind.

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