Friday, July 15, 2011

On the News Tonight...

...don't forget to watch or record tonight's news. We'll be on @ 5 & 10pm 40/29 News. We've worked so hard to bring this to the front of every one's mind. We are so excited.

God has blessed us with more than we could have ever asked for.

The MAIN concept of this is to be a servant and search for ways to reach others and bring them to Christ. If they don't have a relationship with God use ways like giving to share the gospel with them. If they do know him, there are many things they might be going through. They might only have a casual relationship with him, and then we need to bring them to his house and get them involved in more active roles. They might be hurting due to financial crisis, divorce, serious health issues, teen pregnancy & std's, marriage problems, unfaithfulness, unemployment, loss of a loved one, dislocation from family and friends, and so much more. Satin uses these situations to build a wedge. By serving we can help bring healing, a closer love of God, and happiness.

We need to step out of our comfort zone and our circle of friends and reach out to the lost and hurt and let them become our friends and family. A circle has no end and no beginning. It has no definition of size. It will become however big or small that you make it. I want my circle to be ENORMOUS, I wanted to say something bigger, but couldn't spell it. In God's eyes the rich and poor are the same, the fat and the skinny are the same, the athlete's and intellect's are the same, and the pastors and the car salesmen are the same. Let's put a new face on Christianity and show the world for God that we are not afraid to serve and be friends with the tax collectors, the lepers, the streetwalkers, and those roaming the streets homeless and hungry.

Stop and give that family a ride home who is walking in the rain, because they do not have a car. Pay for the person's lunch behind you, they might look "normal" but you don't know what they are going through and they might be in a world of hurt. If you pray and stay dedicated to having open eyes and ears, you will quickly find out that a lot of people, probably even in your own circle need help, love, and care. I know many times the last 4 years, I was too proud to ask for help and I desperately needed it and still do. Sometimes I felt like crying out and just didn't know how.

Couponing for Christ isn't to bring fame or glory to me; it's to bring recognition and praise to God and to be what Cross Church's mission is- reaching Northwest Arkansas and the world for Him.

Let's put on our "A" game and dig in. There is no end in sight. God needs us to be warriors for him and people need our help. Buy a Sunday paper and donate your coupons to our ministry or start one of your own. I've prayed for inspiration and a job such as this for for almost 6 years, don't think that I am taking this blessing and communication from him lightly.

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