Thursday, July 14, 2011

If you didn't know what Super Heros Look Like...

...well then I'll show you!

Of course, my girls are always busy. The things I hear and see each day are priceless, hilarious, scary, sweet, ornery, sensitive, and ingenious. (of course I am their mother, so I would thing that)
This was lastnight after we got home from church. It was late and I said, "No dressing up tonight". When they came into the living room and I said, "I thought I told you NO dressing up", Aydan says, "Mom, we didn't dress as princesses, we are SUPER HEROS" Well now, that makes a BIG difference. Don't think that I won't be more specific today!
Here is a little sample from my picture library of what I get to see from day-to-day!

Ammorae started it all!
Always being a model.

Aydan is our prim and proper one!

If there is a camera near by she is posing.
This is a look-a-like to pic of my mom, when she was a little girl.

She drummed up the idea for this one herself

Ava is our pistol. She is the messy one that you always have to watch!

Everyday no matter what we are eating, it ends up all over her face.


My lipstick!

Addyson is usually the most hilarious and "Creative"

If I let her dress herself for school, this is how she would go!
She doesn't care about what others think. She is her own person.

Abigail is close behind. They are starting to pull her into their schemes. I just found Addy pushing her around in the toy baby stroller and she is as happy as a lark.

Oops, she just fell out! I guess it's true what they say, "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.

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