Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Schedule

Early this morning we dropped Ammorae off at school and she headed to Little Rock for cheerleading camp. Jeff and I headed to the hospital so he could see Abigail before he went to work. Yesterday he didn't get to see her until after work and he was antsy all day.

Landon and Sonya came to take "their shift" so that mom could go home. First she took us out for lunch and then we went to visit the baby. When we got there Diane Cole was there to see her too. I had already told my mother about her and what a blessing she has been to me this year. Upon meeting her my mom agreed that she IS the sweetest lady ever! I have to admit that I did cry when my mom left. I miss her already!

After my brother settled in I headed back to the hospital to be with Abigail. We had a great day. I changed several diapers, which normally you aren't too overjoyed about, but in this case OVERJOYED is definately the word! I read and sang to her again, and while I was singing she opened one of her eyes and looked right at me! I was SOOO ecstatic and beyond excited.

She is getting much more active. She kept tugging at her lines and tubes, which isn't good, but means that she's really getting with it. She smiled several times and just, of course, captured my heart! Basically, right now they are taking time to strengthen her lungs. Eventually they will turn down her oxygen level and ween her from it. They took her off the bili light, which could go back and forth for a while. No BIG changes, but small improvements make BIG ones.

When I got home Landon was in the pool with the girls having a fun time. Ava started calling mom, Nana, it was sooo cute. She also decided to start hollering Wanon, at Uncle Landon.

All-in-all, it's been a pretty good day! Thank you Jesus, for your blessings, and putting up with me.

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