Saturday, June 5, 2010

Abigail's 1st week

Abigail's first week in life was a little CRAZY! She been through a lot, but has made great strides!

As of today, she still has the feeding tube in, but I did get to breastfeed her twice today. YEAH!!! She also is still on the nasal canula, but is being weened down each day.

She has shed so many tubes and such and it's allowed us to hold her. Today Ammorae, Landon, and Sonya got to hold her. They also, allowed us to unhook her long enough to walk to the nursery window and let Aydan, Addy, and Ava see their baby sister for the first time! I'm pretty sure that they were wondering if she even existed. Actually, I was recording her each day and taking pix of her and then when I came home I share that with them, so they were involved and it would be easier to process.

What a blessing the nurses and Dr.'s have been. I haven't met one yet that wasn't sweet and compassionate. It's been such a comforting place to be in this situation.

I do have to say that Abigail fits PERFECTLY in my arms and I couldn't quit kissing her! Of course, I'm sure I felt that way with all my girls, but I can't wait to get her home.

My girls are positive that they've got all bases covered. Aydan says she's gonna be in charge of giving her kisses. Originally, she was going to change ALL the diapers, but evidentally she's changed her mind. Addy is going to sing to her. Ammorae wants to pick out all of her clothes. And who knows what Ava is going to do?

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  1. That's right...WHO KNOWS about that Ava:) hahaa, your house will be entertaining for sure!! Can't wait to see you guys!