Friday, February 12, 2010

Size Matters

Okay, I thought that a smart way to tackle this nasty weight issue, while I'm pregnant would be to work on my arms and legs. I have small weights and thought that I could do a couple of small workouts with my arms each day.

I bought into an infomerical and YES, I thought that I could take the EASY way out and let a product do the work for me. Every little bit of extra help works, right?

Well, on my birthday suggestions list that I put out a month ago had the Shake Weight on it. Low and behold Wal-Mart picked it up and now it's on the, Grab it while you wait in line shelf, next to the register. My husband, who loves the As Seen On TV stores- so he can make fun of everything, so generously bought it for me to try out.

The ENTIRE family was begging me to open the box so we could check it out. How do I even explain what happened next? If you watch the advertisement it looks like it shakes on it's own and you hang on to it. Which to me, made sense. Some of us aren't as coordinated as others and it would allow you to concentrate on holding your arms in a good position while getting a good work-out. See, I could help them with the marketing!

Needless to say, it doesn't work that way! Are you surprised? Apparently, there is a component inside that plops up and down as you are trying to shake this weight. Saying it's a bit misconceiving is putting it mildly. It even has these accordian looking things on each end that look like it's going to open and shut or expand like a shox effect.

There should be a warning on the side saying "If you are uncoordinated DO NOT TRY this" So if you have a REGULAR weight at home you can shake it up and down and get the same effect. It doesn't look as fancy, but you will look just as ridiculous! Ask my kids.

I did a tri-weekly aerobics class for five years, you'd think that I, number one wouldn't have veered so far from exercise, but that also I could handle this. Well, I'm here to tell you that I CAN and I'm not ready to give up YET! Back to the drawing board, which means normal old everyday weights. Maybe next week we'll visit the idea of Toning Tables? Happy exercising!
Pix courtesy of Aydan (my 4 yr. old)

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