Friday, January 29, 2010

A Fresh Start

Today is a fresh start. My sister and I agreed to each start a blog this week. Today is my first entry. Welcome! I am so excited, and for SO many reasons!

Let's just start off with a BANG! It is blizzard weather out and our family braved the elements to go to the infamous 20 week sonogram appointment. This is the one that promises to unleash several excited squeals, a ton of texts, a plethera of phone calls, and the answer about the sex of our FIFTH baby.

Jeff asked the technician if when she got to that point, would she please allow him a moment,to make the determination himself. You know that he is a self proclaimed obgyn now, right. She agreed and when it was time she let him take his turn. What do you know, he did a bang-up, spot-on job. Jeff is going to be a daddy of FIVE little girls! If you were there you would have thought that he was being awarded at the Golden Globe Awards, I truly think that he actually bowed, and he DID have prepared an acceptance speech. WOW!

This blog will be attended and nurtured everyday with love and enthusiasm. I want to serve others who might be walking on some of the paths that I've been on. God has blessed me with such an adverse life story and testimony, that I hope you tune in to hear it and maybe take something away that will add to yours. I love to read my friends' journals and they've inspired me and blessed me so much.

I've been labeled "CRAZY" many a time! You get to see first hand what wacky extremes I will go to. This is the life of a conservative artist, a typical professional male (who would have to question his masculinity)and four (almost five)growing daughters.

My blog is called Absolutely Aimee, which is very significant. I was named after my Grandma Amy Sams. She influenced the largest part of my life. We lived together for quite awhile and she inspired me in many ways. She was the most picturesque classy LADY that ever lived. She waved her perfectly red polished finger and said "Absolutely" in a manor that no one will ever forget. And so shall it be that I carry on her legacy with a smile, a giggle, and an finger rearing "ABSOLUTELY"


  1. Hey Friend. So glad you're blogging. I added you to my blog list! Yea!

  2. So great to hear a young family openly following the Lord & still keeping a sense of humor AND being serious about the world!!!You go girl.

  3. Congratulations on your 5th girl, do you have an "A" name picked out yet?

  4. Congrats on another baby girl!
    I also have a blog,